Mother teaches her son a valuable lesson

Cierra Forney, a mother who has a 13-year-old son, unintentionally overheard her son commenting and mocking other kids that had to shop for their clothes at Goodwill and Walmart. The citizen from Braselton, Georgia, was shocked when she heard what her son was saying and wanted to make sure that it wouldn’t happen again. She didn’t want her son to have an entitled attitude, so she made him shop from the stores that the kids him mocked shop from.

She wanted her son to be taught a lesson and change his attitude towards other kids. She was right to do what she did because if she didn’t put an end to the mocking, her son could even start to bully the kids. She wanted her son to see what other kids’ lives were like and walk in their shoes.

She took her 13-year-old to a local Goodwill shop and pulled out her phone to record the whole thing. They both walked around the store, so her son could pick an outfit that he would have to wear to school the other day. When the shopping was done, they got back home, and Cierra posted the video that she took on social media. Along with the video, Cierra wrote a short description explaining what was going on. She wrote that her son was recently making comments about some other kids that have to shop at Walmart or Goodwill, and she wouldn’t tolerate that kind of attitude. She also mentioned that she was teaching her son a lesson so that he wouldn’t be so entitled.

The video that she posted on her social media went viral pretty quick, and people flooded the comments section with messages applauding the mother for what she did. People in the comments were saying that if more mothers paid more attention to what their kids are saying online, outside, or at school. Fewer kids would be a victim of bullying. It can be hard for children that grow up in poverty because there are always kids that will taunt or mock them. For things like not having the newest and in trend, clothes, and other material objects.

Every parent should make sure they teach their children from a young age that we should be compassionate towards everyone. No matter their background or financial status. Cierra acted quickly and made sure that her son didn’t become another bully.

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