Jennifer Aniston blasted for her Christmas tree decoration

Every once and a while, we see Aniston appearing on our social media or some other news outlet, either she has some new project or simply because she is someone that the public loves.

Recently, fans have spotted something on Aniston’s Christmas tree that has made them mad. Many people have left comments on a photo that Aniston posted on her social media.


People who follow her on social media have spotted something on her Christmas tree that they thought is unnecessary.

Since she first stepped appeared on our TV screens, we have loved Aniston.


She spent most of her childhood with her mother.

She was only nine when her parents separated, with her father mostly focusing on his career. Her first role came in 1987.

Like any other actor, she only managed to land small roles at the beginning of her career.

She became a household name when she was cast for the TV show ‘Friends.’

After making a name for herself, she got many roles in movies.

Most of her work is displayed in rom-com.

To this day, many people know her from ‘Friends.’

Her most recent project was ‘The Morning Show.’

Because of her magnificent performance, she won a SAG award.

Millions of people have followed Aniston during her career.

When she decided to make an Instagram account, she managed to crash the app with her first post.

With every post, we get to see a small part of her life.

We love seeing her and her two cute dogs.

Her husband is also a part of her posts on Instagram.

But her recent post has caused outrage, and people have started to attack her in the comments.

Aniston posted this photo on her account.

Were fans right to react like that, or were they a bit over the top?

Make sure to let us know what you make of the whole situation, and don’t forget to share the article.

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