33 Hilarious Photos That Are Not What They Look Like at First Glance

The age of social media has made us a professional selfie maker up to one point. Now we have all of these apps and programs that make us look like we are living the perfect life. But not all people care about what is happening behind them when they take a selfie… 

Sometimes people upload these hilarious images without even double-checking! And by the time that they found out what the problem of the selfie is, everyone has already laughed their eyeballs with it. Not to mention that the photo has probably gone viral. Just like these hilarious photos we have listed today. 

But before we get started folks, always remember the golden rule of Facebook… ALWAYS CHECK YOUR SELFIES. 

1. I shall call this the SOLO relationship.

2. Doggy says wut?

3. How did she even miss the dog behind her?

4. Not the best idea to take a selfie with a camel, it might bite you back!

5. Taking a selfie AND doing business? Now that’s what I call multitasking.

6. That horse so thicc, we don’t even care who the guy in the selfie is. 

7. Too many questions… 

8. A photo captured in great timing!

9. Did this girl even bother to see what was happening behind her?

10. When the loneliness hits you hard

11. We can see that you are fake sleeping Bob. Better luck next time.

12. How do people even take selfies without their pants on? 

13. His older self probably came in the future to warn him. Who knows?

14. Her bum is flat; I don’t know what is there to see anyway.

15. Wait, what is that in the middle? A face, a coochie, an alien?!! We will never know. 

16. Why do guys even do this?

17. Just like momma made him.

18. Be aware of what surrounds you

19. Obviously girllll… 


20.  Mirror Mirror on the wall… who’s the dumbest one of all?

21. Damn Dawg! 

22. Not a good idea to disturb a sleeping man.

23. It would scare the life out of me if my nan would do this too

24. The birth of a new life…loading 99%

25. These people might have started a new trend for people who lost their phones

26. Those drunk photos you find in your gallery months after they were taken

27. How to make sure your boyfriend doesn’t cheat. 100% effective. 

28. This cat looks like it was a part of a killing. 

29. This is what I call being creative!

30. Switching places with the dentist, but guess who owns the pliers…

31. Never forget to delete these photos the moment after taking them!

32. A homeless guy was welcomed in by an unusual happy couple!

33. Chickens are the most talented models…

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