If you are an empath then you need to read this

Being an empathy can really be aggravating in some situations. Being prone to ‘read’ other people’s emotions and mental state is as great as it is horrible. When it comes to my situation, I am no empath, but my husband is. 

I almost had no clue that some people have the ability to be affected by other people in that kind of way. My husband explained to me that if he is sitting at a coffee table and sees a sad old man drinking coffee alone, his energy will be drained and that moment will make him feel quite sad. 

I can see that he almost never rejects people’s demands and once he even went into debt just to give someone something that would make him happy. What I can say about empaths is that they are the most peaceful and positive people, but they are sadly manipulated without even knowing. 

If you are an empath you should always keep these in mind:

  1. Don’t be afraid

People usually have some strange demands. Although I am a person who often rejects demands that I cannot afford to do, some other people just give themselves 100 reasons why they should do it. 

One day my husband’s uncle asked him if he could buy him a new iPhone. At first, when I heard this I thought it was a joke, but my partner said that his uncle was being dead serious. I could see the way he got stressed and did not know if he should have bought him the iPhone or not.

Do your best to be confident when people are demanding something from you. Try to not appear weak and do not hesitate to clearly say ‘NO’ when you can’t afford to make something they need happen. 

  1. Do not waste your energy by pleasing people

Something that empaths do is that they try to be a people pleaser. Pleasing other people just to try to ‘heal’ them is not the greatest option. I believe that pleasing will help a person short term. Giving another person advice based on the problem they are currently having is a much better solution that can help them permanently. 

  1. Consider what you need

This might sound a bit selfish but you should always consider yourself first. Do not let other people get in the way of you achieving your goals, or complicating your life. You should know how to use friendships healthily. 

When a person does something for you, you give them something with the same value back when the time comes. 

  1. Act confident

Acting like you are insecure and prone to say the word ‘yes’ all the time will just make people look at you as a weak link. They will eventually either start treating you badly or asking for inappropriate demands. 

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