Alabama Marine is one of the few left of WW2 that reached the age of 100 years old

Some of the WW2 veterans have had the luck to have made it in this year. When you think of WW2 it really gives you vibes of black and white. Imagine remembering it like it was a part of your life. 

Col. Cooper became part of the Marine Corps in the year of 1942. In 1945 he was able to reach the position if the 1st Lieutenant located in Okinawa. 

On March 18th of this year, he finally reached the age of 100 years of age. He is an Alabama native and both Vietnam and Korea are celebrating his birthday. 

Since he was young, Carl proved everyone that he was dedicated and patriotic about his nation. He would even be ready to give his life in order to protect his country. 

We praise these heroes as they all prevented a drastic change in history. For those who are not really clear about what WW2 was really focused on, it was because of the Germany and Japan collaboration.  

These heroes of WW2 have prevented what Germany and Japan so-called ‘the plan to concur the world’. This plan was rather foolish but they actually wanted to achieve the goal of killing all people on earth except for their race.  

If you think about it deeply, you would still not find an answer to why they made such a plan. It does not really make sense, the only explanation I would give is that they (the leaders of that time) wanted a few people to roam the earth in order for them to have all of the power. 

That is truly smart in a way, but thankfully here we are, all nations standing like always. This is all thanks to the people that served the country during WW2 and risked their lives. Sadly a person can’t just live forever and because time has passed only a handful of these people are still alive. 

And all of them are over the age of 90. These great people are truly thanked by us in many different forms, from young people listening to their stories of war, up to the government that helps then min medical assistance. 

They are truly people who we should praise and thank for the world not ending up in a very weird way filled with a weird breed of German mixed with Japanese people. 

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