5 Habits to Turn Your Life Around

The media is influencing us more than ever. What I do not understand about it is that they prioritize wrong models (singers doing drugs, actors breaking the law, etc.). This is the only option given to us on TV, besides all those terrible news on the media.

Now that the pandemic is all around us, we are suffocating even more by the fact that news is spreading more panic about it. Yesterday I just had enough. Too much negativity on the news just made me angry and stressed out. 

Even my husband was panicked about it and started thinking he had the virus out of nowhere. This is how life has been since newspapers have massively been printed. New is just the perfect way to get your daily dose of negative happenings around the world. 

As sad as this is people have slowly become addicted to all of these ‘black articles’ that they do not understand how it is affecting their lives for the downturn. 

You might be wondering how to turn your life around make it a lot more positive. At the end that is what everyone wants. But it is up to each individual to change their lives around. Here is how you are able to:

  1. Write your goals down 

Every day in the morning the first thing you should do is write on your journal what your daily to-do list is and three things that you are thankful for. This will help raise your productivity throughout the day and also keep you motivated on reaching your purpose. 

  1. Talk positively about yourself and ignore negative thoughts

Thinking that you can do something better than you can actually do it is a real life-changer. Not only you will improve in the aspect of what you think positively about but you will also be motivated to perfect it even more. 

  1. Stay away from the media as much as possible

Being addicted to negative news will demotivate you in so many aspects of life. Starting from the way you feel upwards to the way you act. Reading a book is a much better way to gather up information. You get to improve your thinking and the way you see life. 

  1. Being productive and working out

Working out and keeping your muscles moving relieves stress. Even doing some simple exercise at home for about 30 minutes will help you to clear your mind and being more productive throughout the rest of the day. 

You might think these 4 steps are something that you already know. But in reality, the majority of us would rather watch TV and stay on the same mindset. Why? Because turning your life around needs dedication and a willingness to do so.

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