Hugs develop brain and also release a ‘happy hormone’

Sharing love in this world is never a bad thing to do especially when it is your own child. Late studies have found out something incredibly surprising when it comes to your child’s brain development and formation. We all know that the way your child can become smarter is by going to school, learning new things and studying. What if that is not always just the case. In fact, it is much simpler than that. Studies have shown that babies that get more hugs and touch stimulations have better brain development. Babies that get proper touch stimulations like hugs, kissed, patting, etc. tend to start realizing that they are a separate body from another person way faster than other children. This leads them to get to understand the world better at an earlier age.

How the oxytocin affects the mother and the baby

To better understand how the oxytocin hormone works scientist have done an experiment on lab rats. They put a few female rats in the same area with baby crying rats. The females did not have any reactions to the crying babies because the rats were not birthed by them. The scientists then injected the rats with the oxytocin hormone. This made the female rats more worried about the baby rats and they tended to approach the babies and take care of them like a mother. 

That is how a mother and child bond also. The hormone actually starts releasing in bigger amounts as soon as the mother becomes pregnant. Depending on the person some mothers release more of this hormone, creating a much stronger bond with their child. Oxytocin is usually called the hormone of love. It makes a mother love its own kind and take care of her baby in the right way. Some mothers also have confessed to loving their baby so much that they cannot let go of them if they are crying at night. They say that they would rather sacrifice their sleep in order to give attention and the proper love to their baby. Seeing their baby cry just makes them feel guilty and irresponsible.

People do not release this hormone only when they are in contact with their children though, this hormone is released even when two people love each other. When two people hug is releases the love hormone and makes them bond with each other even more. The releasement of oxytocin benefits memory also. You tend to remember happier memories as years pass rather than the uglier ones because while you release this hormone you tend to have a stronger memory of the moment. 

Everyone deserves to be loved, it is a part of life and also development. People that are loved and also show love tend to be happier, have a better social life, and better bondage between their partner and children. Besides who does not want to give a hug when you know that you always get it back in return.

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