Girl with Down syndrome, loses over 40 pounds and gets into modelling.

You can do anything that you set your mind too. Even when your mind is weak, if you set it to an objective, you can reach that objective without much difficulty. You can be the best of the best. You can surpass miles and miles and come back a different human being that what you used to be. You can become a champion of the world if you just have the faith and if you believe that you can achieve what you truly want to achieve, you can do it.


A girl has managed to go against all odds and beat her disease, and follow her passion in life. Madeline Stuart is a girl that suffers from Down syndrome. When she was little she was always attracted to models and modelling in general. She would stay in awe when her mother would take her to a modeling show. She wanted to be one of them. And with full determination she started to keep a diet and lose weight. She went so far, that she managed to lose more than 40 pounds and now she was more than ready to go into modelling.


But it was not going to be easy and Madeline knew it. She kept trying and trying to book for a show until she got her shot. Once in, she was hooked inside the market and managed to perform more than 18 other times. Now Madeline is trying to really climb the steps of the career as she is trying to become an official model for Victoria Secret Down syndrome campaign. On the other hand she casually has to turn down shows for checking herself in the hospital but so far everything has worked out for this brave soul.




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