From a backyard pool to international business.

People have some great ideas sometimes that if they can just put them into practice they will get an excellent result over time. Ideas that can make them millionaires. Ideas that can change their whole lives around and make sure they reach the next level of being a part of society. Ideas that can help people get to the 1% of 1%. That can make someone be like Elon Musk or Bill Gates. If you would just put into practice what you know without backing down from the challenges of life.

A man that grew up poor decided to get his own pool when he grew up. He grew up in a social status lower than his peers and that fact bothered him. So he always wanted to have a backyard pool and it was a dream that he was going to make reality no matter what. He had a goal and a vision. So when he grew up, Mickey Thornton finished school and got himself a nice job with a normal income. He decided to save up money and get himself the backyard pool that he always dreamt as a kid. But as time went by he decided he wanted something bigger.

So he got in contact with some construction workers and started making his pool bigger and bigger. It took some time but the result was amazing. After 40,000 pounds of steel and a lot of hard effort, Mickey was finally able to fill in the pool with 500,000 gallons of water. The pool got the attention of the neighbors but the word quickly got out. People started booking the pool for weddings. Religious institutions also started booking it for baptizing people. Quickly the backyard pool turned into a business. The final greatest client Mickey had was a call from a national Japanese baseball team who wanted to book the pool for a whole afternoon. What a story from rag to riches.



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