For the first time ever, Dolly Parton has shown her natural hair

One of the biggest features that Dolly Parton is known for is her beautiful blonde locks. The superstar has recently decided to take off the wig she is always wearing and show her natural hair. She also has talked about why she is always wearing the wig.

For decades now, Parton has been one of the most known stars in the world.

She has millions of fans that truly love her. She has influenced generations and has made people feel happy with all the songs and albums she has put out.

Parton was born in a family of twelve children in Locust Ridge. She had humble beginnings and has become an international superstar.

Since she first stepped on the scene, she has talked about how her family was always supportive and how her Uncle Bill Owens helped her get into the industry. Her talent was so easy to spot.

When she first got a spot on ‘The Porter Wagoner Show,’ people instantly fell in love with her and her singing. She quickly stepped into the spotlight with songs like ‘Jolene’ and ‘Love Is Like a Butterfly.’

She was named Female Country Singer of the Year in 1975 and 1976. After an amazing career in country music, she wanted to build her career, even more, trying to get a foot in the pop market. With the song ‘Here You Come Again,’ she managed to get many pop music lovers’ attention.

That particular song got her a Grammy Award, and as years went by, she managed to get some more of those prestigious awards. One song that made her known all around the world was the song ‘9 to 5.’

Her specific style, and that gorgeous smile, not mentioning her musical abilities, got Dolly worldwide fame. She also wanted to try out acting.

When the 80s came, Dolly starred in movies such as ‘Nine to Five,’ ‘The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas,’ and ‘Steel Magnolias.’ She can do anything if she goes 100% in.

We want to show you some of her most interesting moments throughout her career.

Starting with her iconic 2017 Emmy Awards joke.

In 2017, she got to spend some time at the Emmys with some of her co-stars from ‘Nine to Five.’ On stage, she told a joke about a vibrator. She was congratulating her co-stars Frankie and Grace, when she mentioned a vibrator. The audience was shocked at first, but a moment later started to laugh.

Next is her stance on the BLM movement.

We know what has been happening in the country, and Dolly wanted to give her opinion on things. What Parton said made a lot of people angry, and some even started a boycott against her.

When she was asked about the movement, she replied that, of course, black lives matter and that white lives aren’t the only ones that do matter. This left some of her fan base in shock.

She once talked about how amazing it is to see people dressed up like her.

In one interview, she was asked what she thinks about the people who go to her concerts dressed up as her.

She said that it is a pleasure to see people in the crowd dressed like her, and even sometimes, she thinks that some of the people look more like her than she does.

Parton has created a reading program. Parton has always cared for children, and that is why back in 1990, she created ‘The Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library,’ a charity that helps children that need some help in education.

The organization’s main goal is to provide free books for kids to the age of five, and since her organization has been created, they have been able to send over 144 million books to kids all around the world.

Parton is also known for her sense of humor.

Whether it is on social media or in real life, Parton always wants to have a bit of fun.

It has been said that while filming the movie ‘Nine to Five,’ she would always joke with the staff and the actors.

Recently Parton has donated over one million dollars for coronavirus research.

When the whole pandemic started, Parton wanted to help out, so she donated a million dollars to Vanderbilt University Medical Center when research on the virus is being done. Dolly has always been and always will be America’s national treasure.

Over the years, she, like any other person, has had her struggles.

When she was young, she had to go through some problems.

Her family wasn’t the wealthiest, and for most of her life living with her family, she had to share a bed with four other siblings. They didn’t have a shower or a bathtub at home, so they bathed in a river.

She has always said that money isn’t a big thing for her and is always focused on having a loving group of friends and her family. Also, when she was young, the older siblings would take care of the younger ones.

When she was only nine, she was given the task of looking after her newborn brother. Sadly, her brother Larry died days after he was brought back home from the hospital. This was a tough period for her because she was the main caregiver. Even when she was older and had started her music career, she had to go over some hurdles.

Many of the record labels back then wouldn’t take a chance with her. But because Dolly chased her dream of becoming a musician, she could pave her path. She has said that it was hard, but she is in the place she is today because she continued without giving up.


Her first few gigs or concerts were not so great because her being booed off the stage most ended.

Because her relationship with Porter Wagner was starting to fade, the professional relationship’s end didn’t go down so well. She wrote the song ‘I Will Always Love You’ about the professional breakup. Nevertheless, Wagner sued Parton because she to cancel her contract with the show.

One thing that is also sad is that Dolly never had children. At the beginning of their relationship, she and her husband would talk about having kids and having a loving family, but her career came in the way. That didn’t stop her from working with dozens of children charities.

She has now been married for a lot of years, but that relationship has had its turmoil.

In her book, she said that she had an ‘affair of the heart’ back in the 80s.

Because it was hard for her and being depressed during that period, Dolly even thought about taking her own life. Over the years, Dolly has experienced a lot of loss.

Losing her brother Larry at a young age, losing another her older brother Floyd, and even her niece, Tever, died from an overdose when she was only 36.

Even after going through tough times, Dolly has always remained positive and made sure that she looked amazing when she is out in public. How can we not mention her amazing blonde locks? She is well known for wearing wigs.

She recently shared a photo of her natural hair. She also said that she was always obsessed with the newest hairstyles, and when new wigs would come out, or Parton would find one that was interesting, she would get it.

She also added that she would always have hard times fixing her hair up, so the wigs were an easy option. Here is the photo she posted showcasing her natural hair.

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