Are you able to spot the Photoshop used in some of these photos?

Love them or hate them, the Kardashians have become one of the world’s most popular families. Whether you are watching TV or checking social media, somehow, one family member will eventually pop up. They have made their imprint in many businesses, including makeup, clothes, and having a TV show. They are everywhere, and there is no getting rid of them. Their TV show that we mentioned has recently premiered its nineteenth season. Back in 2007, when ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ premiered, it is still going strong, having millions of people tuning in every episode. See Any Photoshop?

We have to give them at least credit for managing to show nearly every aspect of their lives for such a long time. Every episode, you get to see and somewhat experience what it is like to live a life of luxury. The Kardashians are also known for their use of Photoshop in some of their pictures online. It didn’t take long for online users to spot traces of Photoshop when they first used it. And as time has gone by, it seems like they use Photoshop way too much.

Fans have noticed most of the photos that have been edited, and there are quite a few of them.

Being on TV for more than a decade, you must have heard about the Kardashian family. These ladies have more money than you can think of, and they are not afraid to show it.

Their fans had the chance to watch the whole family grow and see the family go from owning a clothing store to become one of the world’s most notable families.

Kim Kardashian

One of the most famous sisters, Kim Kardashian, has made a name for herself through different business ventures. She has her cosmetic line called KKW Beauty, and it is said that alone has made her 350 million dollars richer.

Kourtney Kardashian


The eldest of the sisters, Kourtney Kardashian, is the one in the family that supports everything organic. Last year she launched her wellness and lifestyle brand called Poosh.

Khloe Kardashian

In 2016, Khloe created her brand named Good American, which firstly started with making denim jeans. As the company grew, she has also launched work-out clothing and various types of bodysuits.

The Kardashian sisters

These are not the only people that are in the Kardashian-Jenner family.

Kris Jenner

The one person that controls everything that is happening is the sister’s mother, Kris. She is a businesswoman herself and has made a name of herself following the TV show’s success.

Kylie Jenner

Being only 21-years-old and maybe one of the family’s wealthiest member, Kylie has grown her cosmetic line to a point where she is now a self-made billionaire.

Kendall Jenner

Kendall is the professional model of the family. She is rarely seen on the show because of her busy schedule. She is always flying all over the world, appearing in fashion shows and shooting covers for magazines.

Every person in the family has always been open and has talked about their plastic surgeries. But online users have started more often to point out the family’s use of Photoshop. Here is one photo that the Kardashians posted to premiere their TV show.

One fan went on social media to comment that she thinks Kendall was Photoshopped in the picture because of her pose. She even questioned where is the other half of Khloe’s body.  

Other comments were saying that Kourtney’s right foot looks a bit strange.

Why would someone Photoshop their legs or feet? But when it comes to the Kardashians, everything is possible. There is more example of poor Photoshop skills, and fans have pointed them out over the years.

One photo that Khloe posted got people’s attention when they noticed that the door was weird-looking on her left side. Khloe later deleted the photo and re-posted the non-edited version.

When you first see this photo, you might not notice that Kourtney’s armpit is not so normal. Photoshoping armpits is something new, we guess.

Kylie wanted to post a photo where she showcased a pair of jeans she was going to giveaway. But people started to comment that she has enlarged her derriere.

Khloe was caught red-handed when she posted a mirror selfie. Fans were quick to point out that her waist was weirdly placed above her leggings.

Another mirror selfie was edited by Kim when she posed with Blac Chyna. You can see the distorted door frame in the back, proving that the photo was edited before been posted online.

Kris’s arm

If you look at her arm closely enough, you can see some lines, and people are saying that those are an indicator that Photoshop was used.

In this one, either the person who did the Photoshop on the photo did a bad job, or it is just because Khloe and her ex-husband Tristan Thompson are a bit away from the camera. Believe what you want, but their hands look quite weird.

Now, this is something that we can’t understand. When did it become a problem for people not to have knee caps? In this photo of Kendall and her friend Gigi Hadid, you can see that both of them are missing their knee caps.

What is with the Kardashians and photoshopped mirror selfies? Here we see Kim on the set of one of her photoshoots, and if you see on the right, she wanted to make her waist smaller and her hips bigger.

In this photo, fans started to comment that Khloe uses a lot of editing on her photos. They pointed out that she doesn’t look like that in real life.

Many people were quick to comment on this Kylie photo, saying that no human alive looks like that and has a waist like hers.

You probably know that we had to post this photo. When comments started coming in, calling Kim out on the edited photo, she disabled her comments on the post.

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