After a woman gives birth, her doctor comes clean and says he made a mistake

For almost ten years straight, Carolyn and her husband were trying to have a baby. With every test coming back negative, the couple decided that it was time to try out IVF treatment. This time, the pregnancy test came back positive, and Carolyn and her husband were going to have a baby.

After the baby was born, Carolyn’s husband snapped a baby photo and the mother lying down together. The photo that was taken was later posted online on their social media. A couple of days later, the couple realized that the photo they posted was shared over 6000 times. This was pretty strange, and they had no idea what was going on. They scrolled down to the comments and, at this point, finally got to the bottom of it.

The birth of her first child made Carolyn exhausted. But there was always time to snap a few photos after they got to hold their son Logan. Sean wanted a couple of photos for their family album, so he got some photos of Carolyn holding the baby. When they got home, Sean posted one photo he took at the hospital. Days later, the couple woke up and saw that the post was shared by thousands of people worldwide.

Sean and Carolyn got married in 1993, and since they became husband and wife, they wanted to start their family. The years that followed didn’t turn out the way they wanted. Every pregnancy test that Carolyn did came back negative, and when she did manage to get pregnant, it ended up being a miscarriage. Time was moving fast, and the couple was still determined to become parents. Because they knew that conceiving naturally wasn’t an option anymore, they started to look up different options.

Carolyn had three attempts with embryos implemented, and all of them were rejected by the body. However, they wanted to try one more time, and fortunately, the fourth time was the charm. The couple didn’t expect to get some shocking news just days after Carolyn delivered her first baby.

When the couple woke up, they saw that the post Sean shared on social media had gone viral. Thousands of people shared and commented on the photo. They had no idea what was going on. They started reading some of the comments that were left on the photo because they wanted to find out. When Carolyn read one particular comment, she immediately started to cry. It was a comment from their doctor. He re-posted their photo and commented below, saying that the embryos that Carolyn had implanted weren’t hers. They found out that people started to share the post because of what the doctor said.

The couple called the doctor and started to ask questions. They hoped that what the doctor said was just a joke. The doctor confirmed that the fertilized embryos that were implemented weren’t Carolyn’s. This was when Carolyn and Sean realized that the baby that she gave birth to wasn’t hers. Even if it was just a couple of days since she left the hospital, Carolyn loved the fact that she became a mom, but now she had to decide whether to keep the baby.

After long and deliberate conversations, Carolyn and Sean decided to give the baby to his biological parents. They have said that even if it was the toughest decision they have ever made, it was the right one. The couple contacted Shannon and Paul Morrell, who were from Detroit. The biological parents were shocked to hear the news.

Shannon and Paul went through the same things as Sean and Carolyn. They, too, couldn’t have a baby for a long time, so they underwent IVF treatment. They said that they were talking about looking for other options when they received a call from Carolyn. Carolyn was given 6 six more days with Logan until his biological parents come to take him.

The day came when Sean and Carolyn had to give Logan back to his biological parents. Sean was the one handing over Logan to his parents as Carolyn watched from behind. Everyone thought that Carolyn went through everything, but in 2011, she announced that she and Sean would have twins through a surrogate mother.

Isabella and Reagen were born and brought some much happiness to Sean and Carolyn. They have admitted that even if they gave Logan back, they still miss him. This was not the only miracle that the family would receive.

In 2014, something amazing happened. Because Carolyn was feeling a bit unwell, she wanted to see what was going on. She had a pregnancy test and couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw the results.

Carolyn had said that when she laid eyes on the test and saw that it was positive, the first thing that came to mind was that it must be some mistake. She thought that this was impossible. Over the past two decades, Carolyn has had numerous fertility treatments, and every test in the past came out negative. But this time, things were different, and she was going to have a baby. Nicholas Winton Savage was born at the end of 2014, and their family had a new member.

Carolyn gave birth to Nicholas when she was 45-years-old without receiving any fertility drugs. Today Nicholas lives with his mom, dad, and twin sisters, plus his stepbrother Logan comes to visits once a month.

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