Exciting news from Prince William and Kate Middleton

We all know Kate and William, and they are certainly one of the most loveable couples from the royal family. Recently, they had some exciting news to share with all of us. Social media went wild when news that a baby was on the way.


Ever since they got married back in 2011, William and Kate have been in the public’s eye. No matter what they do or where they go, there is always a new news article about them. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge met back when they were attending university.

While attending St. Andrew’s University in Scotland, William met Kate. Ever since they have been together, fans of the family have deemed them as their favorites.

As the years went by, their relationship wasn’t so smooth.

After nine years of being together, Kate and William decided to get married. After a couple of years, in July 2013, their first child, George, was born. When Kate went outside of the hospital, she was wearing a blue dress, which was a little tribute to Princess Diana.

William was dress similar to Kate as they were showing their first child to the public. Their second child, Charlotte, came a couple of years later.

In May 2015, Princess Charlotte was born, and she even made history.

She was the first female member of the family to retain her spot on the throne. Before her, with the Succession of the Crown Act 2013, if a boy were born, he would take any girl’s spot to the throne. But because that rule was changed, Louis won’t take Charlotte’s spot to be next in line to the throne.

Charlotte remains fourth-in-line to the throne after George. This only shows how William and Kate are making a more modern monarchy.

William and Kate have always been chatty, and you can see them at public events talking to people on the street.

We all remember how Kate caught William’s eye back in 2011. He attended a Fashion show at St. Andrew’s Bay Hotel where Kate was modeling. Kate’s style has always been inspirational, and things got even better when she married into the royal family.

Even her daughter Charlotte is following in her mother’s footsteps when it comes to fashion.

And we can’t forget about the boys in the family. They are so cute.

William and Kate tied the knot almost ten years ago.

We have all watched their family grow, and now there is even some more great news.

Unfortunately, the baby news that has been going around doesn’t involve Kate and William. Kate’s younger sister, Pippa, is pregnant, which would be her second time.

Nevertheless, this is some good news, and we like to congratulate them.

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