Break-up news from Harry and Meghan

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have come out recently giving an announcement of a break-up. For almost a year, they have stepped down from the royal family and live their lives as private as possible. It all seemed perfect once they stop living with the family, but now there are some problems down the line.

Something else is being planned other than their reality TV show.

Meghan and Harry became a thing back in 2016.

After dating for a while, Harry wanted to introduce Meghan to Queen Elizabeth. Meghan left behind her life and career as an actor and became a part of the royal family. She started to travel and attend events with Harry.

After dating for about a year and looking madly in love, Harry and Meghan announced their engagement.

When the news broke, fans worldwide were ecstatic. The pair got married in May 2018.

Once Meghan was officially Harry’s wife, she became the new member of the family and was given the Duchess of Sussex title. It wasn’t too long after the wedding that Meghan and Harry announced that they were having a baby.

In May 2019, Prince Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor was born. It all seemed like a fairy tale.

But Meghan couldn’t get a break from the press and media. Whatever she did or said, the media kept attacking her and making false accusations.

Being called a diva, a person trying to ruin the royal family, and even a bad mother, Meghan knew that she always had to smile and not be fazed by any comments that media and press would say. It all came to a point where Meghan and Harry had enough. They announced that they would be stepping down from the royal family.

The couple said that the main reason was for their son to have a more normal upbringing and that traveling from between the US and the UK would be better for him. Everybody was shocked by their decision.

Even members of the royal family didn’t expect it. It was reported that the Queen found out about stepping down like everyone else through social media.

The Queen came out with a statement saying that they were talking with Harry and Meghan about their decision and that it wouldn’t be easy to leave their positions right away and that easily.

After leaving their positions, it seemed like Harry and William got in a bit of feud. William and Harry are yet to be seen together for months. Today, Meghan and Harry are living in the US.

Still today, the couple are constantly being attacked and mocked by the British press about leaving their family position. They have also hinted that they would like to venture into TV.

There have been recent reports that Meghan and Harry have signed a deal worth about 143 million dollars for a reality TV show.

Some have said that they are doing this so people can finally see Meghan’s true face and that it won’t be like any other reality show.

They want people to see what they are like. They may have tried to dive into making something about the environment or talking about the poverty gap, but what people want from them is to show off their private life. It would a classy reality show.

It has been said that for three months, a camera will follow their daily lives and will show everything that has been kept a secret until now.

Recently it has been said that they went through a break-up.

The couple has given information about the case.

The law firm representing them and the Queen, Harbottle & Lewis, will no longer represent them. Harry and Meghan have filled documents cutting ties with the firm.

This was a total surprise because the firm was representing Harry since he was a teen. The law firm that represented the couple’s new non-profit organization has been replaced with a different one.

Archewell also had ties with the family, so it was replaced with Fieldfisher, meaning that Meghan and Harry wanted to stick with their idea of becoming independent.

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