15+ photos of optical illusions that will make you scratch your head

We all enjoy optical illusions. The pictures you are about to see contain some optical illusions that will make you scratch your head slightly. They will certainly trick your brain and will make you stare at them for quite some time.

1. It runs in the family

Take a closer look, and see that there is only one person in the car.

2. Would you jump in?

It may seem like some kind of portal, but it is only the Chicago Bean photographer from above.

3. This cannot be his arm


Never skip arm day.

4. Majestic doggo

The angle from which this photo was taken is amazing.

5. Minecraft blanket

Grandmothers sure know how to sew a blanket.

6. Perfect line up

Could that be the real-life Benjamin Button?

7. Oh, I didn’t see you there

We will let you figure out this one.

8. Are we seeing this correctly?

Where did the body of this cow go?

9. See-through cat

Taking a closer look, it is just a pattern on the cat’s body.

10. Huge crow

11. Cemented cat

His head is just lying on a stair.

12. Fishing with dad

You wouldn’t think that denim jeans could be camouflage.

13. Finally, aliens have arrived

That is the reflection of ceiling lights.

14. A true giant

From this angle, this player looks massive compared to the other players.

15. Skinny legs

This took us a couple of seconds to figure out. The girl is holding a bag of popcorn.

16. Tiny human

One of the most confusing things we have seen in a while.

17. Where has his head gone?

He is wearing a hoody, and his head is resting his head on the window, making it look like he doesn’t have a head.

18. Magic at the beach

That piece of clothing looks like her shadow and makes you think she is levitating.

19. Sexy performance

The person who took the photo snapped at the perfect time.

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