Drama Queen Horse Plays Dead to stop People from Riding him!

We’ve witnessed a thousand times how amazing horses can be. Humans have used them to get work done throughout thousands of centuries, since the beginning, and they still use them until today.

Probably, most of you already know how powerful, fast, and elegant horses can be. After all, we don’t use the term “Horse Power” in vain. Horses are the first thing I think of when someone mentions speed and elegance.

Scientists have shown that, just like with humans, horses also have different personalities. What does that mean? Well, some horses love doing hard work more than others.

This horse is a great example of the different personalities that horses have. Namely, Jingang, the horse in question, doesn’t want to be ridden by people, nobody knows why he just doesn’t like it! I think that nobody should ride Jingang, because as it seems to me, he has a pretty bright future in acting in front of him!

A video of the horse has started going viral in recent times, where you can see Jingang throwing himself on the ground and acting like he is dead when people are trying to ride him.

I think that Jingang is my spirit animal! I can surely relate to him. Who wouldn’t use this trick if it worked?

People have seen the video of Jingang more than twenty million times on Facebook, and at this moment, it already has more than half a million shares. And, when you watch the video below, you will understand why!

I can’t believe how good he is!

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