A millionaire with lung cancer gives us advice for life.

This cosmetic surgeon named Siang was suddenly diagnosed with lung cancer. At his death bed he realized everything he had done and how he had lived his life and got “woke”. He became conscious about how he saw things his whole life and he realized it was wrong. All his life he focused on making millions as a doctor and having a nice expensive home, the latest car and other possessions that made him feel and look rich. When asked about spirituality and God he discouraged it and did not take the time to find his true self. Money had totally blinded him he confessed.

He said that money can be the root of all evil, and it is! It certainly is if you do not spend it for a greater purpose in this life. See most of us grow thinking we need to go to college and become a doctor or a lawyer to become rich in the future and live the “American dream”. But don’t you realize that being a doctor or lawyer or business manager you are still an employee? And on top of you will always be a boss that is getting millions each day because of your hard work. 

You are brainwashed by society to believe that working hard as an employee will make you richer, but oh you are so wrong because you are making your boss richer and he is in bed sleeping somewhere in Dubai with a hell of a view behind him while you work for that salary you eagerly wait for every month. So let me tell you who is evil in this triangle? The boss, the employee or the money?

Well first let’s talk about the money. Money is some paper material that makes the world exchange goods. What if money does not exist may you say, then you would exchange your tomatoes with some fish at the grocery store instead of buying the fish with money. So trust me money is not the root of all evil. But man kind is the root of all evil.

Let’s take your boss now, and I am not talking about the supervisor that is in charge of making sure you do your job well. I am talking about the big boss, the one you have never met before, the one that is in dubai in a luxurious hotel, that boss. Yes, you hate him and you think he is greedy and needs to raise your salary because you are working very hard. But take a look at who is complaining and hating and miserable… Is it the boss that created the business you are working in and in his beginnings of creating his buissness he was struggling and working 16 hours a day to build it and put every penny in his pocket to build what he loved? Or that he even provided you with work, working materials, and managed the whole business and put it together? Because has cash flow right now, he has worked his work and doesn’t need to stress out anymore, he lives and enjoys does not mean he is evil. That is just nonsense.

Now we are left with the employee. This guy works for 40 years and thinks that just because he is working, the government owes him everything, and not just that but he just spends his money on liabilities and possessions and then at his death bed he is like “oh darn it, I have been living my life completely wrong. I guess I am the root to all evil.”

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