Coronavirus devastating locals in Wuhan

With the new deadly virus spreading everywhere, photos and videos have been posted on the internet of Wuhan residents collapsing all over the city. Wuhan is the city in China where the coronavirus first struck and since then spread across the globe, locals have given the town a nickname calling it Zombieland. 

Medics on the street wearing protective gear helping out a person who has collapsed

Medics helping a person who has fainted 

A person laying down on the road dead with a fatal head injury

Wuhan is the city where the virus started and has been spreading across the world

Since the virus has begun spreading, on the internet, people posted videos and photos of victims of the virus. From outside on the streets and inside hospitals, people have shared horrifying images and videos that show people collapsed on the floor. It has been reported that 26 people have lost their lives due to coronavirus.

Disturbing videos have surfaced, where you can see a man being helped by paramedics in protective suits and masks trying to revive the person. It has been said that the man was waiting in line and suddenly fell to the floor unresponsive.

A photo of a man lying on the ground seemingly dead with a horrible head injury and blood coming out of his head. Local news stations reported the incident and have said that the person was a victim of the coronavirus.

There has been a video that has been going around the internet, showing chaotic scenes in a Wuhan hospital. A journalist has posted the video himself. In it, you can see doctors and nurses in full hazmat suits trying to help out people, and you can see dead bodies lying on the ground in the hallway.

One nurse who works in the hospital has shared a video, too, showing what was happening that day. She also wrote that the bodies where left in the hallway covered with just a white sheet because there was no one coming to take them away.

In a hospital in Wuhan, China, a dead body lays covered with just a white sheet

Video shared online, shows the bodies lying on the ground

The video shows nurses and doctors wearing full hazmat suits and people waiting in the hallways to get checked by the doctors.

Other photos show how crowded the hospitals are and people waiting to get checked.

A lot of photos and videos that have been popping up on the internet are allegedly from Wuhan, the city that the virus was first found. However, it is still not confirmed that those photos and videos are from there.

Officials have warned the locals not to go out if not necessary and avoid places where a lot of people go. Wuhan has 11 million people. And now since people have been told to avoid crowded places and gatherings, photos of the city show that it has become a ghost town. You can see empty streets, supermarkets, and parks because people are staying inside their homes.

The only places you will see crowded spaces are in the hospitals, where people wait for doctors to give them a medical checkup. 

Locals have been posting photos of the supermarkets, where the shelves are empty. This is because people buy wood and other necessary items so that they don’t need to go out more often.

Officials have shut down every public transport, in efforts to stop the coronavirus from spreading even more.

They have also started building a separate hospital for people who already have the virus and can be placed there. The city officials have already started building the hospital and have said that it should be finished by February 3. It has been said that the new hospital is being modeled to look like Xiaotangshan SARS hospital in Beijing.

The new crisis in China

The virus has not only been seen in China, but reports also come in of nine people in the UK who have contracted the virus and are currently under treatment. One of them is from Northern Ireland, and five of them are from Scotland. The remaining three people are being tested, and it will be determined if they also have the virus. Those three are either from England or Wales.

Coronavirus – Dead bodies pile up on floor’ at hospital overrun by outbreak – Footage allegedly recorded at a hospital in Wuhan – ground zero for the coronavirus outbreak – shows bodies under white sheets and workers wearing protective suits in a packed corridor
Nurses and others are seen stepping around the bodies, which are covered by white sheets, in a corridor packed with people apparently infected with the SARS-like virus.

Five other people have gone to the hospital and have said that they also may have the virus, but tests have been done, and they have been told that they don’t have the virus.

People from Japan, Singapore, and South Korea, other Asian countries, and the US have been hospitalized and are being treated at the moment. It has been said that in China, the number of people who have the virus has climbed to 800.

Supermarket shelves in Beijing left completely empty due to people trying to get their hands on everything they can.

A supermarket in Wuhan with its shelves empty as locals try to stock their homes with food and other goods so they can avoid going out more often.

Wuhan supermarket filled with shoppers, so that they can get everything they need as the city is going through the virus crisis.

People in Wuhan wearing protective masks while out shopping for vegetables.

In Hankou Railway Station in Wuhan, staff members were given the job to disinfect as many parts of the station as they could.

A person being transported to the Prince of Wales Hospital in Hong Kong, who was believed to have the coronavirus. The majority of people who have the virus have come from Wuhan.

Because the virus has started spreading all over the world, officials in the capital city began asking officials from Wuhan what are they doing to prevent the spread of the virus. And, the measures they have taken to stop more people from dying to the virus.

The virus is said that it originated in Wuhan, from sakes who were sold and that it all started in December last year. Questions have arisen asking why did the authorities in Wuhan have stopped public transport only 

a couple of days ago, but then it has been a week or so since it was determined that the virus could be passed from person to person.

Events all over China have been canceled or postponed, to prevent any more cases of people contracting the virus. Activities like Chinese New Year and many tours to visit famous Chinese tourist attractions have been canceled and postponed.

Because fairs all over the country saw 1.4 million people visited those places last year. Chinese officials have announced that all those fairs from January 24 to 29 have all been canceled.

Posts on social media have been deleted

Many news outlets have shown that Wuhan Railway recently has deleted a social media post that said 300 000 people have left the city due to the virus.

People in the city are scared that city officials aren’t doing a good job protecting them, so they are trying to leave the city. And because the officials are scared that they will cause massive panic, they have recently 

started deleting such posts that show the extent of the problem inside the city.

The country has stopped and canceled every celebration and event for the Lunar New Year, to try to keep the people safe from contracting the virus.

Because officials are holding back information and deleting posts about the truth of the extent of the problem. It can cause even more people to contract it because they don’t’ know the truth about it.

News outlets have labeled this social media post deleting as a sign of panic, and that officials and authorities in Wuhan can’t handle and stop the virus at this point.

Not testing patients

Stories have been popping up, saying that some people who go to the hospital with apparent symptoms of the virus and want to get tested are being sent back home.

A local from Wuhan, Kyle Hui, told news outlets that when he went to the hospital with his stepmother, who had a cough and a high fever, which are apparent symptoms of the virus, the doctors didn’t want to check and do tests to determine if she had the coronavirus. Time passed and on January 15, Kyle Hui’s 

stepmother passed away, and on her death certificate, doctors wrote that the cause of her death was severe pneumonia.

Kyle Hui has said that doctors told him to cremate his stepmother because they suspected that she might have the coronavirus. His stepmother wasn’t even placed on the list of people who died from the virus.

Panic Buying

Because the virus can be easily contracted, officials have urged locals to stay at home and if they happen 

to go out, they should wear face masks.

One more post recently has been deleted, by the People’s Daily, which many say is an outlet that posts government propaganda. It was posted that even if people wanted to buy face masks and other gear to protect themselves, they couldn’t because the city didn’t have enough for everyone. 

Another sign that city authorities weren’t ready for such a significant outbreak was that the supermarkets were almost empty of items that the people needed. Photos have surfaced on the internet of empty shelves in supermarkets, and people are angry that they don’t have the things they need at this time.

Not doing their job

An expert in infectious diseases, Guan Yi from Hong Kong. Has said that the outbreak is bound to get bigger and bigger because certain officials in the Chinese capital aren’t doing their job correctly.

Guan Yi, who back in 2003, helped with the identification of another virus called SARS. Has stated that because the holiday season is in full swing and many people are coming to China, and Chinese people are going out celebrating, the virus can cause a lot of damage. Also, because some Chinese officials aren’t doing their job as they should, the virus will eventually spread even more.

A bigger threat than SARS

Guan Yi has said that this virus can be a lot more dangerous than the one he discovered back in 2003. He has said that he has encountered many viruses, but for the first time in his career, he is genially scared of this one. He explained that most of the viruses he worked on could be controlled, but this one is not like that.

He visited Wuhan, and when he saw the measures or lack of that the city had been doing, he immediately left the town because he was scared.

Banning public gatherings and events

After Wuhan has canceled the celebration of the Chinese New Year celebration, other cities, including Beijing, have all canceled or postponed any type of public celebrations or gatherings.

This is also considered a sign of officials trying to prevent further spreading of the virus. Still, a lot of people from Wuhan and other cities in China think that it is too late.

People on social media have started criticizing Wuhan officials and authorities, that the lockdown of the city is a bit late because the virus was identified weeks ago.

Social media outrage

Many Chinese people have spoken their minds about the situation in the country. People have said that it has been nearly a month since the first person was diagnosed with the virus. And it took so much time for city officials to put the city of Wuhan on lockdown.

Others say that authorities should give more information on the virus and make sure that everyone can get that information.

On the popular social media outlet, Weibo. People have been sharing pictures of their piles of instant noodles packets and saying that they are ready if they have to stay at home for some time.

People buying as much food as they can to be ready for the virus outbreak

Authorities put up roadblocks, so people don’t leave or go into Wuhan.

Doctor treating a person with the coronavirus at the Central Hospital in Wuhan.

The new type of coronavirus.

Because supermarket goods have been going so quickly, and there aren’t as many resources around, prices of food and other goods have become more expensive.

Police squads have been patrolling the city and checking if anyone outside needs help.


The train station and the airport near Wuhan have been shut down. Some of the roads that lead out of the city have also be blocked. Petrol stations are full of people who are trying to get as much gas as they can. Rumors are going around the town that pharmacies have sold out every face mask they have.

People are allowed to go outside with their face masks. Still, because so many stories and rumors have been floating around the city, everyone is scared to go out.

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