Cheating fiance gets exposed by his bride on their wedding day.

Drama warning. I bet everyone reading this article has been at least one time in a awkward situation, you know when someone cannot hold their laugh during a funeral, while an old lady is crying hysterically as the coffin is being placed six feet deep on the ground. Or how about being on a wedding, that gets canceled by a drama between the couple and you still get to enjoy the party? Well, the story I am about to tell you is going to blow your mind and if enjoy drama this article is for you.

So Casey, which was supposed to be the ‘bride’ was in love and thought of marrying Alex. It is unknown for how long had they been dating for taking such a decision. But it seems that Alex was not only dating Casey during their whole time they were together. And what is more even stranger and somehow true in its own manifestation, is the fact of karma hitting Alex so hard that maybe even gave him a stroke. Just the night before Casey and Alex were about to get married, Casey received screenshots of Alex’s conversation with the other woman. The number sending the screenshots was anonymous.

Casey on the other hand, instead of calling everything off, she played the role until the ‘take a vow’ moment. Then she decided to read all the texts to every person in the public. Such a happening surely cause Alex to leave the place in shame. The bride, well not anymore, so the ‘ex-bride’ however, she continued to party with all the present people, except the best man and the two brothers of Alex. Its funny how destiny comes to knock on the door after all.

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