Boy risks his life to save two drowning girls even though he was disabled

Society often labels people that have some sort of disability as incapable to be a part of normalcy. When I say normalcy, I mean simple things like playing a board game with others, helping someone in need, or even have a normal conversation about daily life events. 

But we always are speechless when we see disabled people achieve something great and end up all over the news. This was also the case for Valerio Catoia, an Italian boy with Down syndrome. 

Since he was little he loved to swim and feel the waves rushing through his skin. Valerio was determined to be the best at swimming and even pushed his limits in the swimming pool where he always used to train. 

Every day he was dedicated to being even better than the day before in terms of swimming. He was even good enough he surprisingly attended the Olympics. Though Valerio had a disability, he did not once see himself an incapable of doing something, even when it meant risking his life.

One day he was at the beach with his father and little did he know that he was at the right place at the right time. Valerio and his father were having a nice time swimming further than most people would. They did not have a problem with this since the had mastered the art of swimming. 

But two girls nearby had not, and because of a big current, they were slowly going further into the ocean. They were trying as hard as possible to swim to shore but the current would make that nearly impossible for them. Seeing yourself in that situation could be scary, so with fear comes panicking. As you might imagine these girls aged 14 and 10 were terrified for their life. They slowly started screaming for help as that was their only choice. 

Valerio heard it and without thinking twice, he and his father went to save the two drowning girls. Thankfully because Valerio had gone through training on how to save drowning people he successfully bought the two girls to shore safely. 

Because of his generous action and people getting to know that he had a disability, Valerio became an overnight success. He was all over the news and social media and people were praising his heroic actions and the fact that he did not hesitate to save the girls just because he had Down syndrome. Valerio knew that he was in the right place at the right time.

He deserves all the praise he’s getting from around the world. It’s a small wonder people are labelling him a hero.

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