Beluga whale is polite enough to return phone to woman after she dropped it in the sea.

If you have not heard about the rumours of beluga whale let me tell you all about it. It is about a whale that was found in the waters near Norway by a fisherman. The whale had a harness around the neck. The harness read around it “Equipment St. Petersburg”, so the local authorities automatically assumed that the whale was a Russian spy. Plus the other close by countries denied having sent anything so Russia was the only target country who might have sent the whale on a mission.

The authorities removed the harness from the whale and set it free in the waters. Now the whale hangs around the waters in Hammerfest, Norway and has decided to make that its new home. From time to time people take a boat and go into the waters to pay a visit to the whale. They want to make sure that the whale is alright but they also want to take pictures of it. However one must be careful while taking pictures near the sea because they might lose their phone while in the process.

How many times have you seen videos of people dropping their phones off somewhere while they were trying to take a photo? There are hundreds of videos on the internet of people dropping their phones off bridges, speeding cars, high buildings, and even boats. That is what happened to Ina Mansika recently. She was on a boat trying to take some photos of the beluga whale, while she dropped her phone in the process. That must have been irritating to her. Dropping your phone to the sea and losing everything that is in it is something awful truly.

But for Ina’s good luck, (or irony), the beluga whale went deep into the sea, finding her phone and returning it into the surface to give it to her. The phone was probably, already dead, but hey, at least the whale tried to bring it to her. And the beluga whale must be applauded for that. If you drop your phone off in the street, chances are that near passers will probably take it for themselves. But not this whale though. After all, why would a whale want a phone after all? It doesn’t have an Instagram and I doubt it the selfies will look good underwater.

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