5-year-old awes audience with her dance moves

We have all seen talent shows where people amaze us with their dance routines and how perfectly they move to a particular song. It can make you stand up in front of the TV and try to copy them. It is even more amazing when you see little kids that can dance their socks off. Roxy Brennan is one of those kids that, when you see her dancing, you may think that it can’t be right that she is only 5-years-old.

The internet can be such a fantastic place where you can find so much amazing talent and witness the moves that these kids have. Today so many little dancers are good at what they do that you question yourself where did all of this talent come from. In the past, people needed to train for years to perfect some stiles, and now you see this 5-year-old do it without a sweat.

We have all witnessed 5-year-olds having a tough time understanding certain things, and it can take a while for them to learn something so hard as dancing. But little Roxy since she was even smaller everything she wanted to do was dance, and while her peers were stuck to the TV watching cartoons, she would practice dancing.

If you think this could be all just made up, you should see her recent performance at a dancing competition. In the video, you can see little Roxy with her back to the crowd as she waits for the song Maniac to start playing.

The song is pretty fast, and seeing her dance to it so quickly is astonishing. She twists and turns to the beat and melody so perfect that you think a 5-year-old couldn’t be doing this. When you thought it couldn’t get any more amazing, she grabs one leg and starts spinning around. It seems as she has a new dance move for every part of the song, and not even half of the song has passed, and she has already made almost a dozen dance moves. Watching her do splits and jumps so effortlessly leaves you without words. By the end of the song, she has used every inch of the stage, and having in mind that it was a big stage going back and forth on it can be tiring, but she doesn’t even break a sweat.

That day, everyone knew that they were going to see some talented young children, but no one was ready for Roxy’s performance. She got the biggest standing ovation that day, and it wasn’t t even up for debate that she would take first place in the competition. She won three awards at the competition, taking first place in the Top Primary Solo 5, the under category, and she was given the Primary Miss Petite.

The competition that she was participating in is the Kids Artistic Revue, a competition that is held annually in Maryland. In the competition, you can see loads of talented young kids showing off their dance abilities. Their social media pages are filled with videos of amazing little kids dancing to various types of music and showcasing their talents on stage. Roxy also has a big social media following, and there you can find videos of her dancing in competitions and at home. Because she is just a little kid, her mother runs her social media. She is always amazing to see so many people praising her daughter for her talent.

Not only is she a dancer, but she is also doing modeling for numerous dancewear brands. Roxy deserves every bit of attention she is getting, because of the breathtaking dance skills she surely has a bright future ahead of her.

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