Bearded Reedling — You have never seen another roundest bird like this one! 

Categorization in the world of animals may be confusing at times. When it comes to birds they can be depicted as living beings, which lay hard-shelled eggs and have a bunch of feathers to keep them safe during winter days. Sometimes it is difficult to differentiate between phrases in the life of a bird. What makes a borb special from a bird? The roundness in a classical bird is simply a characteristic of him. Meanwhile, borbs is the main criteria.

Have a look at him. Don’t you think he qualifies to be called a borb? If we rely on the science of Cuteology we bet he does. There are times when weird names are assigned to species. Just in case you want to know, these types of birds are also called bushtits. (I told you it was weird) I don’t think it’s a good idea to use this name in this article. I have gotten an A in courtesy and I don’t want to ruin my reputation. 

Anyway, let’s get back to where we left it. Ah, yes. We were talking about the bush… I mean the bread reedling guy. What else can we say about him? Sure, as the name suggests you may suppose he has a beard, but as you can see from the pictures it’s obvious he has a mustache because the beard is mostly found.

Also, although we mentioned he is regarded as well as a bush… he is not related to tit bird’s family at all. Naming was done in such a way as a result of a likeness in appearance. Regarding the appearance, the females are of the same size as males but are characterized by a solid pale orange shade. Meanwhile, their male friends have black patches on their face. 

The bearded reedling is a petite, sexually dimorphic bird. What does this mean? There is a significant difference in appearance between males and females. (Humans are 15% sexually dimorphic as well between genders.) 

Aren’t you curious how they keep themselves in shape? 

Just in case, the habitat where they live provides them with a variety of meals. They make it by switching their diet between the summer and winter. They are vegans during autumn and the winter; eat only seeds but in the spring and summer they survive in insects. All this is possible thanks to the adjustable gut morphology. For instance, during the winter and autumn days, they ingest considerable amounts of grit particles, which helps them to break up the seeds better. 

Where can you find this little guy?

Bearded reedlings are in circulation all over the tepid climate areas of Europe and parts of Asia. 

Found, where else, except amidst the redbeds after which they are named. It’s worth mentioning also an uncommon fact about these birds: they don’t migrate. You are more likely to see one of them during the winter days when they fluff the feathers up to trap as much heat as possible to survive the cold.

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