A tiny donkey that thinks he is a dog

Having a tiny donkey at home can either be a nightmare or a lot of fun. One family decided that they would take a tiny donkey and show him all the love he needed. They gave him the name Tiny Tim, which to anyone else would sound like a character from a novel. But to one family, Tiny Tim is a donkey that lives at home with them and acts like he is a dog. He likes running around the house, listens to commands like a dog, and enjoys pillow fights.

From the moment Tim was born, he wasn’t pretty healthy. He was tiny, and he had severe liver problems. The initial thought of the vets was that Tim won’t live a long life. But the vets did everything they could do, and Tim started to get better. Each day he would get healthier, and when he finally recovered, he went to a home that accepted him with open, loving arms.

Tiny Tim is always full of energy, he runs and plays around the house with the dogs. He has this pillow oppression that whenever he sees a pillow, he must tear it up. Tim even has social media accounts that have thousands of followers. In a way, Tim has become an example to all donkeys and other nonstandard pets. Because his followers know that he loves a good pillow, Tim has been receiving pillows from all over the world.

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