Barber gives haircut in a car seat to give this autistic child a more calm experience

Having an autistic child is very hard to manage. These children are not evil or bad people although to the public’s eye they might seem so. Autistic children seem to act more aggressively when they have someone else doing something for them. They do not have the help concept. They also have a problem with personal space, they can fixate on a particular space and think it is their right to be in it. I once saw this happen on the public bus I was in. I hoped in and there were no places to sit so I just stood up like some other people were. On the next station, a lady and her two children hopped on the bus and did not draw too much attention. I had turned my back on them and did not see much until a girl released a shocking noise that caught my attention. I turned around and saw a pre-teen pushing her by the shoulders and acting very weirdly. I did not know what this kid’s problem was. Even other people were confused and took a step to get away from the boy.

His mom was very upset with all those strangers acting that way and not understanding that her son had autism and he just got fixated with one particular seat that a girl was sitting on, so he just pushed her, groaned a bit and then sat and did not make a noise for the rest of the trip. He sat peacefully and acted normal for the rest of the ride. I still do not understand autistic people as much because I have not had these kinds of occurrences very often. Something else that autistic people get aggressive about is changing their routine. If they do something throughout the day which they did not plan or saw coming they will get aggressive. Going to the barbershop every once in a while can be a very hard thing to accomplish for autistic people. Because this means changing their routine and becoming confused. Additional to that is that they are letting somebody do something for them, which in this case is cutting their hair.

Because autistic children do not stay calm and make a scene while getting a haircut, most barbers refuse to give them service. But this barber was generous enough to calmly cut this child’s hair. He goes by the name of Jim and his act of kindness has melted the hearts of a lot of people in social media. The autistic boy did not come inside the barber though, he would not get out of his mother’s back car seat because he felt safe there. So Jim did not hesitate and gave the kid’s haircut where he wanted it. The autistic kid was calmer and not that aggressive so the haircut was made with success. 

Jim wants everyone to know that autistic children are not some destructive creatures, they have feelings and if everything goes as they plan it they pretty much act normal. Jim lately has given out the location of barbers throughout the country where autistic children and people are welcome anytime. He is a good person who wants to make people aware of who these autistic people actually are.

let’s share this act of kindness.

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