An Amazing Birthday Wish for A 5-Year-Old Suffering from Rare Form of Cancer

I still haven’t met a kid in my 25 years of life that doesn’t love it when their birthday comes. Even for me as a kid, when it came time for my birthday, I was really excited. First of all, for the celebration and the chance to gather all my friends together and second for all the cool gifts I would’ve gotten.

But, this kid decided to do things a bit differently. Despite the fact that he wanted to celebrate his birthday, and frankly, he himself had a lot of reasons why he should celebrate. He decided to skip all of the birthday gifts and instead do something amazing. He wanted to help out those who really needed help instead.

The kid’s name is Weston Newswanger, and he is five years old from Carlisle, Pennsylvania. For his age, Weston has gone through a lot. Namely, back in November of 2016, he was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma, which is a really rare type of cancer that started through his bladder and progressed into his colon.

After a year of treatment at the Penn State Children’s Hospital located in Hershey, Pennsylvania, Weston has started recovering. And, now, despite the fact that he still has the tumor, he is in remission for these two years that have passed.

Back in September, the 5-year-old celebrated 2 years of remission. And what’s even better, his birthday is on September 26th. So, lots of things are due for celebration.

When Weston got asked by his dad and mom what he would like to get for his birthday. He came up with the most fantastic answer I’ve ever heard anybody (let along with a five-year-old) say. He said that he didn’t need anything for himself. But he wanted some play-doh and dinosaur toys for the other kids in the hospital!

Yes, he was out of the hospital, but he still had compassion for the ones that stayed in the hospital. The only thing he wanted to do for his birthday was to make them feel better by giving them lots of toys.

He touched his parents’ hearts. So, they decided to make his birthday wish come true.

Amy, Weston’s mother, decided to spread this message on her social media profiles. And, with this, she started inspiring others to donate and buy toys for kids that cannot afford them. She said that she did that because of the fact that she saw how vital the toys were for her son’s recovery and during his chemotherapy.

After some time, the mother stated that they had collected thousands of play-doh, thousand dinosaurs, and around 100 superhero toys, including figurines and capes.

What do you think of this movement? Did you like it? If you did, make sure to share this fantastic story on your social media and spread the message. Don’t forget to comment your thoughts down in the comment section below!


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