A treatment for the coronavirus may have been found by a biotech company

A couple of days ago, a biotech company that is based in New York had come out with some news that might be groundbreaking. Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc. said that they may have found a treatment for the coronavirus. They have identified a few hundred antibodies that could be used as a treatment for the virus.

They have announced that they will pick the top two antibodies that can be used for treatment. After they have tested those two antibodies properly, they plan to mass-produce them, and they could be out to some time in April.

Back in February, the company partnered up with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to develop a treatment, and they said that they will mainly focus on monoclonal antibodies. Regeneron has also recently partnered up with Sanofi SA, which is a French pharmaceutical company, and they both are working and testing a rheumatoid arthritis drug called Kevzara that could potentially be used to treat the virus. – Reuters

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