30+ Selfies Which Show why Checking your Background is Important before you Take a Selfie!

In today’s times people are growing better and better in taking selfies and pictures in general. They try to make themselves look as good as possible and oftentimes forget to check their background before they post it on their social media.

When you post a picture on your social media accounts a lot of people end up seeing it, and they make sure to notice if something is wrong with it. If they find something, they are quick to take screenshots and re-share them. 

These 30+ pictures that we gathered today will make you remember the golden rule of posting photos “Always double and triple check your selfies before you post them!”

“Baby please stop taking pictures of me” – Take a look in the mirror!

A Thiccc dog


This wildlife photo sure came back to bite her…

It’s better to take pictures after you are done with your business

A Thiccc Horse

Dad comes in clutch

Love the timing

What’s even happening there?

What is she trying to prove with this pic?

Always check your mirrors

Why are his pants down?

Back to the Future

Nice mirror placement!

You’re covering the baby! I can see the  baby!

Caught him right handed – Literally

Oh my… What are you doing taking selfies on a nudist beach?!

Always check your surroundings before posting a picture!

That’s a cool bedroom poster you have there

Mirror, mirror on the wall – or in the bathroom!

It’s a selfie taken by a dog…

Moment of realization

Super grandma!

Why is she allowed to do this?!

A new take on giving back your lost phone

Everyone needs a break – Yes, even these guys

Think twice when you unlock your phone. This will sure change whatever is on your mind!

It’s a selfie taken by a cat…

Take a sip baby!

When you take selfies with someone else’s phone make sure to delete the evidence

Taking care of the community

It’s a selfie taken by a rooster….

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