30+ photos you have to look at a second time

The photos that we have gathered today are not your normal ones. Yes, they may seem normal at first glance, but take a second look to see what is happening in the photo. Every photo below has a small twist to it; let’s see if you can spot it.

1. Cats are good at blending in; can you spot the cat in the photo?

Take a closer look in the bottom right corner.

2. What is going on in this photo?

Can you spot the Great Dane attending class?

3. Don’t get too close

Their mother is right by the couch, keeping an eye on her children.

4. Unproportioned body part

The kid’s hand is massive.

5. Which is which?

Look at the bottom half of the mannequin.

6. Um, what?

The legs belong to the girl who is in the back.

7. Is this a dog or a horse?

Tilt your head a bit for the answer.

8. Same color

All the balls in this photo are brown.

9. Above the clouds


This smoothie looks like a layer of clouds.

10. Huge pigeons

The two pigeons are standing on a ledge.

11. A black and white photo

Because the lines are in different colors, your brain thinks the whole photo is in color.

12. A cat wearing a jacket

13. Headless man

Because he is leaning on the window with his hoody pulled up, it seems like he doesn’t have a head.

14. Where is this kid’s head?

We will let you figure this one out.

15. Leg day

Always work on both legs when you are at the gym.

16. What’s for lunch?

Fun day at the illusion house.

17. Yoga pose

These two ladies are doing a difficult position.

18. Perfect fit

It looks like the man is wearing a wedding dress.

19. 3D crosswalk

Imagine not knowing this was 3D.

20. Superpower

David Cameron seems to have the ability to hover.

21. Cartoon head


This news anchor has a pretty big head.

22. Just amazing

The perfect shot.

23. Is the dog, alright?

For a moment, you thought the dog was cut in half.

24. The real Benjamin Button?

Take a second look.

25. Like father like son

This baby looks like he has a big hand.

26. Quick snack

Great angle to take a photo.

27. Take cover!

We hope the little guy was alright.

28. Can’t wrap our heads around this one

Is this one photo or two combined?

29. Is she smoking?

Please take a close look at the photo before posting it online.

30. Is the new iPhone out?

The new model looks tiny.

31. Photoshop or real?

It took us a moment to realize that the man is in the photo.

32. Where are his legs?

Kneeling in the water, this man looks like he doesn’t have legs.

33. Take a close look at this one

Can you spot the little kid in the middle?

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