25 Pictures that show you why you always need to check your background before taking a photo!

Some people are more photogenic than others and that’s the way it will always be. But, there are other things that you need to pay attention to when taking a picture other then yourself. 

Today we’ve compiled 25 photos that will show you what’s more important then you in the picture. Take notice of what catches your attention first and tell us in the comment section below! 

There are bonus photos if you scroll down to the end!

Dear Mr. Policeman

A photobomb they’ll remember

My attention immediately went with the dad!

Is she eating the ground?!

That’s a crazy moment!

Another Photobomb

I don’t even know WTF is happening in the background

Another great moment to take a photo!

A look into the future

Wow… She is really animated!

A sad Elmo

Everyone is happy

Power Rangers need help

Nice dress he has!

Oh I hardly noticed him

A scary photobomb

Self love is everything!

Time for Practice

An accidental photobomb


A helping head

Holding hands… or not?

Pooping Rainbows

Batman photobombing

The perfect picture

Horsing Around

A look in the distance

Let’s take pictures

What happened with the baby?!

Baby photobombing another baby

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