Disabled blogger fights back against cyberbullies.

The internet is a tough place, filled with people who will always try to bring you down, but it is important to face them head-on and don’t let them get you down. This was the case for Melissa Blake, who is a blogger and a freelance journalist, her recent post went viral but not for what she wrote in her post. She wrote an article about President Donald Trump, and the article was mentioned on a conservative site. Later, a lot of people went straight to Melissa’s post and started commenting about her selfie, which was posted with the article. 

Melissa knows that her post would be a bit controversial. Still, the comments that she was getting on her post had nothing to do with what she wrote, and all of the comments were just mean comments insulting her appearance. When she noticed that she was getting a lot of them, she started taking screenshots and posting them on her social media. On some of her posts, she was saying that, unfortunately, this is what you get if you are a disabled woman journalist in America today.

Melissa, who is a 38-year-old blogger and journalist, suffers from a rare condition to the muscles and bones named Freeman-Sheldon syndrome, which can affect her face, arms, and legs. She has said that this is not the first time that someone has commented on her appearance. She, in the past, could hear people discussing and see them staring at her while she is out in public, but she says that she just doesn’t reply and doesn’t even care that much. But this time people went way too far, and people wouldn’t stop commenting. Some of the comments were comparing her to different animals. But, the most hurtful comment that she read said that she should stop posting photos from herself because she was too ugly. When she read this comment, Melissa decided that she was going to do the complete opposite and that no one can stop her from doing what she wants.

After that comment, Melissa posted another 3 photos of herself and saying that no one can get the better of her, and posting hurtful comments won’t get her down. As soon as she posted those photos, people started commenting again, but this time, the comment section on her post was filled with kind and encouraging comments supporting Melissa. Melissa has said that the support was overwhelming and that they need to raise their voice against people who bully people just for their looks. Melissa noticed that over the course of her carrier, she and other women were going through a lot of bullying. Not for what they were writing but just for their appearance. 

Melissa, throughout her life, has gone through 26 different operations and surgeries to help her with her joints in her hands and feet to be straighter. She also has received treatment on other parts of her body that her condition affects. She has said that her life at times was very difficult, but she has always tried to stay as much positive as she can. Sometimes the little comments in public and comments on the internet could make her sad and get her down, but she has always found a way to get back up. She says that a lot of people who are cyberbullying feel more powerful typing mean comments from home. If they were in front of that person who they are insulting, they wouldn’t say most of the things that they are saying online.

After her posts went viral, she had noticed that she has some kind of a voice. She is now telling her followers on her social media to post selfies of themselves, so they could fight against cyberbullies, shaming and insulting disabled men and women. In a way, Melissa is giving a voice to other people who are also being bullied about their looks. With this, it can help them stay positive and make them feel normal. 

Melissa just wants to spread the message that everyone is unique and special in their own way, and there is no place for bullying. She says that you should be kind to everyone, and if we can all be kind to each other, the world will be a better place.

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