Jon Bon Jovi is helping homeless veterans with his nonprofit organization.

Helping people is always good. I just saw a poem a few hours ago where the author said that you must give all you have to the poor because when you are leaving this Earth, you are not taking anything with you. Therefore we must help. Therefore we must support those in need and do our best to give them our help and make sure that they feel good and appreciated by society. Because it is tough out there. It is tough to make it in this world, especially if you have been through a lot in your past.

Take the case of a homeless veteran. He has been through a lot in his past. He has seen war and destruction and maybe now he is suffering from PTSD. While many people might not show remorse for veterans because they have killed people and they chose to go to war, I don’t agree. Because first of all sometimes the service is required to keep the freedom of the country and this is true. You can choose to live in peace in your own country but you don’t choose when another country attacks you.

That is why we have veterans after all. So just because they have been through things that most of us don’t choose to go through, does not mean that we should abandon them like we already have. More than 40% of homeless people in America are veterans. These are people that suffer from PTSD and all kinds of mental disorders and they need help. But instead their homeland abandoned them and now they are living in the streets in less than human conditions. Someone has to do something about it and it is amazing when you see people like Jon Bon Jovi doing something about it.

He has created the JBJ Soul Foundation which is a nonprofit organization and has donated over $500,000 to create houses for homeless people. Maybe that is not a lot, (for some of us that are lifetime savings), but speaking for a rock star like Bon Jovi that certainly is not too much. After all his net worth exceeds the amount of $400 million so that kind of donation for him is just a start I suppose. But at least he is trying to make a difference and tell people that we should all give.

That money is going to be used to build houses for homeless veterans, hopefully, to smile at them and make them forget all that they have been through. JBJ Soul Foundation in collaboration with the Help USA, another nonprofit organization are trying to give a solution to the problem of homelessness in America. Just imagine how great it would be if every celebrity would be this good and try to make this much of a difference into the world.

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