Hospital help kids to reduce anxiety and stress by letting them drive a toy car to the surgery room.

aving surgery is a really scary experience. I am told by my wife that even when she did a plastic intervention to fix her nose she was so nervous before the surgery and the stress was so much that it was almost impossible to cope with it. She was only 16 at the time. Even adults are paranoid before surgery. So just imagine how a child feels before undergoing surgery. The little ones go through stress and anxiety for sure.

That’s why a hospital has found a great way to help the kids that are about to undergo surgery, forget about the anxiety and stress. This hospital is in Modesto, California and the staff has come up with a great idea to help the kids before the surgery. The staff of the Doctors Medical Center let the kids drive a toy car from their room to the surgery room. This way the kids can have a bit of amusement and forget all about the surgery. This is a subtle way to help the children deal with stress and anxiety.

The kids have two options for cars they can choose. It a black Mercedes for the boys and a pink Volkswagen for the girls. They get to drive the car all the way to the surgery room and you should see the smile and happiness in their face when they get to play before surgery. It is surely something great instead of having only a worried family around and doctors in their blue shirts and metallic tools. A real inspiration for the little ones.

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