Couple returns gift to strangers who were forced to leave it at the airport.

I find some rules absurd. Like the rule that you can only keep a certain amount of fluid in the airplane cabin. I think is somewhere to a maximum of 3.4oz on board, or else you have to throw it away, or have it in your bag. Like, my mother wanted to bring honey to the airplane when she visits me, but she is not sure if they will throw it away. You have to do it like my grandmother and wrap it up in a couple of black, plastic bags and put them in a bag so they don’t get detected.

An old couple had bought a present for their granddaughter. It was a big snow globe with a picture inside and a craved love note from them. But when they went to the airport they were forced to leave that snow globe behind because the security did not allow her to take in on board, since it had more than 3.4 oz. of liquid inside. But for their good fortune, another couple was there and saw the whole episode so they decided to take the snowball home.

Later they posted on Facebook hoping to find the owners of the snowball. At first, they thought that their post would get a couple of likes, but it went soon viral and people were sharing it more and more until it reached more than 50,000 shares.

The original owners then contacted the young couple and went in their house with a bouquet to thank them. Hopefully, their granddaughter got her present and everybody was happy by the end.

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