A child born without limbs learns how to walk.

They say practice makes perfect. I’ve heard a motivational speaker called Les Brown say that practice only makes improvement. Perfection does not exist. Practice only makes an improvement. They need to take the word perfection out of the dictionary because it doesn’t exist. You can always better your best. I just read a story that shows the pure manifestation of success through practice and teaches us how your circumstances don’t matter when you want to become someone. The only thing that matters is your mental state. Your drive and determination about what you want.

Katie Whiddon gave birth to Camden when she was only 19. Before giving birth, she checked with the doctors and they said to her that due to a condition, her son would not have limbs, as they didn’t develop properly. Katie was devastated but she kept the baby. She did all she could to be the best mother that she could be for Camden. Being afraid that he might not be able to have a normal life and that he might have the necessity to be fed through a tube, Katie was unprepared for the distant future of her baby.

But as Camden grew up, he showed a very positive sign of movement. He was in bed one day and Katie saw him moving his partial limbs, trying to catch a toy. That was a clear sign that Camden was going to be able to do much more in the future.

Then at the age of four, he learned how to walk properly. His parents filmed the moment and post it on Facebook and the post has now gone viral. Katie believes that her son might become a motivational speaker just like Nick Vujicic, who was born with the same condition. Let’s hope for the best.

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