13 “As Simple as it Gets Moments”

Making life a bit more enjoyable is an amazing ability for us. When you are occupied by so many things in school, there are creative ways you think of to achieve this!

There are tons of subjects you need to attend and not nearly as much willpower to do so!

Here are a couple of smart kids that did away with the panic, and chose the creative way out of their boring school days!

The Godfather – Naming the Quadrilaterals:

reddit | Humpty-Numpty

He Would be Great at Spot the Difference!

reddit | EddieLomax

Well… Technically, he is Kind Of Right

reddit | nayiro

This one Surely Loves Dogs!

reddit | QueriousGeorge


They’re Just Being Honest!

reddit | GlobindobinButler

She Semmes A Bit Upset…

reddit | Justindew

Here’s One for the Gamers Out There!

reddit | ToiletCrash

Playing the Sympathy Card… I’m Impressed!

Imgur | VascularD

Sarcasm? Anybody?

Imgur | Bierrr

He is At Least Being Honest!

reddit | Ryankees07

What Did You Think Kept Airplanes in the Sky?

reddit | footfall

He Got them Both Right According to me!

reddit | carldewitt

Creativity Wins This One! “Creativity 1:0 Teacher”

reddit | Nhjufy

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