A Rare Baby Zebra Born With Polka Dots Instead Of Stripes

There’s always one question that runs through my mind whenever I am thinking of Zebras. Are they black with white stripes or are they white with black stripes?

Well, there are tons of opinions on the internet about this topic. But, what I think is more important to consider is a question that has already raised many eyebrows and that is – Is a Zebra still a Zebra if it doesn’t have any stripes at all?

Today, we’re going to talk about this, and beware! We want your opinion on this topic as well!

Do you Consider this a Zebra?

YouTube | A.M Hassanein

Daily Notion have reported on a story that a photographer located at the Maasai Mara Game Reserve has taken an ultra-rare picture of this kind of Zebra. An animal known as “Blacker” Zebra, and the internet has went crazy! And the fact that it doesn’t have the signature stripes that a zebra has is not the main reason why they are freaking out!

An Adorable First-Time Sight of a Blacker Zebra!

YouTube | A.M Hassanein

Namely, a photographer by the name of Antony Tira has taken the adorable picture that the internet is going wild for. In the beginning the photographer thought that he was taking a picture of a captured Zebra that has been marked for migration. But, as he spent more time taking pictures of the blacker, Tira realized that he was actually taking pictures of a zebra suffering from melanin disorder.

Melanin disorder (melanism) is a disorder which is the acronym for albinism. It’s when darker pigmentation is seen in the fur of the animal.

The Stripes are not Just for Looks!

Unsplash | Ron Dauphin

There are some scientists that claim that the stripes on the zebras’ fur are there to keep them cool as they walk through the heat of the African continent.

The Stripes are Crucial to the Zebras’ Lives!

Unsplash | Karim MANJRA

The ebras must spend more time under the sweltering African sun, and that’s why they need an extra cooling mechanism from all the other African animals.

Are the Stripes Used as Camouflage System?

Unsplash | sutirta budiman

Other scientists have speculated that the stripes on the zebras’ fur might be used for camouflage in order to slip the claws of various predators.

But, there aren’t any answers why the zebras have that exact pattern in their fur.

The Photo Started going Viral!

Facebook | Maasai Mara Wildlife Conservancies Association

Tira’s photo got uploaded on the Reserve’s Facebook page, and since then the photo has started getting more and more traction getting more than 900 reactions and hundreds of comments.

Speculations upon Speculations!

Everybody started speculating about the parents of the zebra, and one guy said that the zebra might have had some fun with an antelope. There were many other crazy speculations!

Some people even thought that this might have been a result of a cross-breed between a zebra and hyena, tapir or maybe a leopard.

They don’t get To Live a Long Life

Instagram | @hassaneini

One wildlife specialist stated that these kinds of zebras haven survived more than six months in other African parks.

The specialist from Matira camp Parmale Lemein said that the zebra is one week old and that it still has some time in front of her.

It Would be Great if they Get to Adulthood!

I think that both scientists and regular people would be happy to see this dotted zebra beat the odds and get into its adult life and become the first of its k

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