11-year-old abandoned by adoptive family is adopted by single dad

At four years of age, Anthony came into what everyone thought would be his new permanent home. Sadly, it was not to be.

Even after adoption, life can be tough for kids who have lost their biological parents. Every foster child hopes that adoption into a family means the end of their worries. But that is not always the case.

Anthony was only two years old when he came into foster care.

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Naturally, he can barely remember anything of his biological family. The years in the foster system are also a vague memory for Anthony. When he was four, he found a family who adopted him.

For some unknown reason, this adoptive family decided to do something terrible to Anthony. Six years after the family had adopted the child, they drove him to a hospital, admitted him and left, never to come back.

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When they left Anthony at the hospital overnight, the child had no idea that he would never see his parents again.

Just imagine the effect that the abandonment had on Anthony? He called his adoptive parents mom and dad. For over half of his life, they had been his parents.

Yet now he was all alone again.

Once more, Anthony was in the foster system. Luckily, Anthony would soon go into an incredibly loving home.

Peter Mutabazi, who would take Anthony in, has overcome his own difficult childhood experiences.

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He is originally from Uganda. As a child, he had to help his parents grow food, as they could not afford to buy all of their own. He also had to walk three hours just to get water for his family.

Unfortunately, Mutabazi’s father was a terrible person. He was physically and verbally violent to his children and his wife.

Mutabazi decided to escape from this environment one night when he was 10-years-old. His father had forced him to go out and get cigarettes. As Mutabazi was walking back home, it started raining. The rain ruined the cigarettes. Mutabazi knew that his father would be angry if he came home with the ruined cigarettes. So he never returned to his family.

Years later, Mutabazi was running a successful real estate company in Oklahoma. He decided to foster.

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Within the space of three years, Mutabazi took in 12 kids, whose ages ranged from two to 11. He developed strong bonds with all of these children. But Anthony’s story really resonated with him.

At first, Anthony was just supposed to stay at Mutabazi’s home for one weekend.

Mutabazi was determined to not form an attachment with Anthony. This sounds heartless. But really, the man was struggling after his last foster kids had left him.

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The courts had decided that his last two foster kids could return to their birth parents suddenly. Mutabazi was reeling from the loss of them.

When the weekend was over, Mutabazi and Anthony were waiting for the social worker to pick the child up.

Mutabazi couldn’t help but ask Anthony how he had come into the foster system. Anthony’s story shocked the foster parent. Mutabazi even began crying.

When the social worker arrived, Mutabazi asked her where Anthony was going now. The social worker explained that there was no choice but to put him in a group home for the foreseeable future.

At that moment, Mutabazi realized that he couldn’t let the child go. He told the social worker that he could keep on fostering Anthony.

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Now Mutabazi was happy to form an emotional connection with Anthony. Over time, the two realized that they were a great match. Eventually, Mutabazi decided to begin the adoption process.

In late 2019, Mutabazi officially became Anthony’s father. This time, Anthony is sure that he will stay in this home until he is an adult.

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In fact, Mutabazi and Anthony are now preparing to take in more foster kids. The two are determined to help even more children like Anthony.

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