Baby boy found wrapped in his dead mother’s arms is the sole survivor in a plane crash that killed three

afternoon, three adults lost their lives. The fourth passenger, a baby boy, survived the fatal accident thanks to his mother who used her body as a shield. In those terrifying moments, when she was aware her life may end, all she thought about was how to protect her son.

The HK 2335-G plane was operated by the baby’s father, Fabio Grandas, who was a respected doctor involved in many humanitarian organizations which helped ease the life of hundreds and thousands of people from the remote part of the country. According to a translated report by ABC Aeronautico, the baby’s mother, Mayerly Diaz Rojas, was a lawyer who specialized in telecommunications law. The nanny, Nuris Maza, who accompanied them on the flight, was killed, too.

Fabio was reported to be part of the Civil Air Patrol for several years but wasn’t on a patrol mission at the time of the accident. The ongoing investigation found the engine documentation was up to date and the cause is still to be discovered.

The plane was supposed to land at the Guaymaral airport, before which an emergency was declared.

At the scene, baby Martin was found wrapped in his dead mother’s arms. He was transferred to the Fundacion Santa Fe de Bogota University Hospital and is reported to be stable. The parents left behind two other children who weren’t on the plane.

The statement released by the Colombian Civil Aviation Authority said, “a baby, who was also travelling in the aeroplane, is being attended at this time in an assistance center.”

Over the last few years a number of plane crash accidents have been reported in Columbia, as per Zenger. In an accident in 2016, 71 people were killed.

We are very sorry for the loss and we hope baby Martin will have a great life ahead of him. His mother will be always watching over him from Heaven.

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