101-year-old cancel birthday party due to the coronavirus pandemic

Due to the coronavirus pandemic that is going on all over the world, governments have issued the cancellation of major events, sporting events, weddings, and other gatherings. Social distancing is so essential now in order to stop the spread of the virus. It is hard for people to be away from each other, but it is for the best.

The World Health Organization is coming out with new information every day about the coronavirus, and we hope that every single one of you is sticking to their advice. Some information that is in this article may have changed during the publication, so make sure that you are following the WHO and CDC in order to be up to date with all the latest news.

Mohamed Safa, who is a United Nations representative, has recently shared a story about a man named Owen. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, Owen had to cancel the celebration of his 101st birthday. On twitter, Safa posted a photo of Owen holding a sign that he had to cancel his birthday party in order to follow the social distancing advice. On the picture, Owen is holding that says that he cancel the party, but why not get this tweet up to 101,000 likes and comments.

Safa didn’t have that many followers, so he sure needed all the help he can get. Fortunately, because people were so touched by Owen’s message, they didn’t just achieve the goal of getting 101,000 likes and comments until the 31st of March, they achieved that number in less than two days.

Birthday wishes flooded the comment section, and people all over the world wrote to Owen wishing him a happy birthday. More than 12,000 comments were written from people in different parts of the world and from people who also celebrated a milestone like Owen.

Even though there has been no word from Mohamed or Owen, we can imagine how happy they are, especially Owen. We know both of them didn’t expect the goal to be achieved so fast, so we think that at the moment they don’t know how to react from all the wishes sent.

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