Owner sings a lullaby to his dog

Let’s talk a bit about lullabies. People have always sung something to their children, who couldn’t fall asleep. Even if we didn’t experience a good lullaby, we have surly have seen one in a movie of TV series. This story doesn’t regard a baby or toddler getting serenaded before falling asleep but a cute little pitbull puppy. From a video that has resurfaced, we can see the puppy’s owner singing a lullaby to help him sleep. The video was posted back in 2016, and again people are amazed by the puppy’s reaction to human singing.


The little red nose pitbull is named Puti, and he has always had trouble falling asleep at night. You can see by his reaction that he is enjoying every second of his owner’s lullaby. At the beginning of the video, you can see Puti lying in his crate, getting ready to go to bed, but by his expression, he is not ready to go to sleep. He was distracted from everything around him and had trouble sleeping.

When humans can’t fall asleep, they either drink a glass of milk or if they are adults, one glass of wine will do the trick. But there is nothing you can drink or eat if you are a dog to get you to fall asleep right away. At one point, the owner asks Puti if he wants to hear a lullaby, and you can see how much the dogs get excited and starts smiling. The owner then starts to sing a Sarah McLachlan song called “In the Arms of an Angel”, and gives it a little twist so the puppy can enjoy it even more.

People today are starting more and more to care about their dogs. Some even treat them as their children, and if you ask us, that is precisely how they are supposed to be treated. Dog saloons and daycares for dogs are popping up everywhere around the country, and thousands of restaurants and hotels today offer pet-friendly options. A lot of money’s being spent on pets, and a simple lullaby’s nothing compared to what people are doing for their pets.

But let’s get back to Puti. As soon as the owner starts singing, minutes later, you can see Puti seem calmer and then falling asleep. A lot of people today think that Pit Bulls are dangerous dogs and, which is entirely false. People who have kept Pit Bulls and are still keeping them at home, if you ask them they will tell you that they are one of the friendliest dog breeds. Just have a look at Puti in the video and tell us if that cute little face seems dangerous. Up to today, the video of the owner singing a lullaby to Puti has more than 3 million views, and for a good reason.

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