5-year-old hospitalized after horrible coronavirus symptoms

From numerous cases around the world, we now know that not only the elderly people can get coronavirus. Recently a young mother has posted on her social media that her 5-year-old son has contracted the virus. Even though he doesn’t have any underlying conditions, Alfie’s condition has been going down since the test results came back positive. Lauren, Alfie’s mother, has said that he has a high temperature and is constantly vomiting. She made a post on her social media to warn others, especially young parents like her, to stop thinking that the virus could be harmless to younger generations. She shared a soul-crushing moment when her son Alfie while lying in his bed in the hospital, asked her if he is going to die. She told her followers that not being able to help her ill son was the hardest thing she had to witness.

She continued to urge people to stop treating the virus-like any other cold or a tiny disease. She wants people to stop risking their lives and the lives of others and stay at home. Everyone can contain the urge to go out or visit their friends for a couple of weeks. She also touched on the subject of people hoarding essential products from the supermarkets and leaving all the shelves empty. She wants people to just take a look at her situation, and see that no one is safe from the virus. Even kids can end up in the hospital and face such difficult situations at such a young age. Alfie had to go to the hospital after he spiked up a temperature of 107.6 Fahrenheit.

She wants people to listen to doctors and experts and follow every precaution that they say. She said that her son just a week ago, was a healthy, energetic young boy who would run and play all day long. And when he started to show symptoms, his conditions got worse. He didn’t want to eat or drink, he was tired all the time and was crying as his temperature started to rise and started getting bad headaches. Lauren called an ambulance and they took Alfie to the hospital, placed him in an isolation pod and testes him for the virus because he was showing every symptom. She also stated that since the virus started to spread, people were given the idea that only elderly people can suffer from the virus. Lauren’s story is just one example that young people and toddlers can get pretty sick too.

In her post, she kept on mentioning for people to practice social distancing and keep washing your hands. As soon as everyone is on the same page, the quicker the virus would stop threatening and affecting people’s lives. She specifically implied that she is not posting her story to get attention from people, she just wants to spread a message to people who are yet to take the virus seriously. Her post went viral, having more than 50,000 shares and more than 20,000 likes.

Lauren thinks that everything started when Alfie went to a swimming lesson a week ago. When he got home, his throat was hurting a little, but Lauren thought that that was just because he must have swallowed some on the chlorine water from the pool. A day later, he started to cough and had a little spike in his temperature. Lauren didn’t want to risk it, so she told Alfie that he wasn’t going to go to school for a while. A couple of days later is when everything started to go bad, his temperature went up to 42,3, and Lauren couldn’t bring it down. While everything was going on, Alfie was saying that he didn’t feel so bad, yet he wasn’t eating or drinking much.

When Alfie started to feel pretty tired, Lauren had enough and called an ambulance. Since that hospital was dealing with numerous coronavirus patients, they couldn’t come to check on Alfie. The same day, Alfie started getting terrible headaches and started to vomit. He was constantly holding his head, crying because it was hurting him a lot. Lauren called the hospital again and told what was going on. This time the ambulance came and said that Alfie needed to go to the hospital. Since there, Alfie has been feeling better, but Lauren couldn’t forget that horrible moment when she felt powerless.

After a couple of days in the hospital, Lauren posted again saying that Alfie has been doing better and that doctors and nurses were doing everything they can to get Alfie well again. She also said that with her previous post, she didn’t want to scare people and cause panic, she just wanted to address a problem that wasn’t taken seriously before and hopes that people will do the right things from now on.

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