Woman takes abandoned cat home to later find out it was a wild puma

We all feel sad when we find a little abandoned puppy or kitten. Something tells us that it is now our responsibility to take care of them. I have taken 2 kittens and one puppy home throughout my life and raised them until they were adopted by another family.

 It just hurts seeing these cute and helpless creatures outside and left without a caretaker. But what if these cute babies turn out to be something quite more wild than you might expect? 

Lately, a woman called Florence Lobo discovered what looked like two abandoned kitties. In a split second, she fell in love and was heartbroken at the same time for them. It all happened as she was travelling across Argentina and then stopped when she saw a dead cat. Near the cat, she came across these two kittens.

 Because she felt bad for these abandoned little felines, she felt like she needed to do something, so she took them home. Because most newborn kittens need their mother to quit and support them as they’re young, the chances of them surviving without the help of their mother is slim. 

That was Florence’s biggest fear, the fear that these little helpless and abandoned babies would not make it. She did everything she could to feed them, give them warmth, and make sure they were safe. 

Unfortunately, one of the kittens she saved did not make it and passed away but the other one luckily survived. She decided to name the survivor Tito. Tito looked fun, cute and playful. Florence bonded more and more with him as each day passed. But there was one thing she never expected to happen. 

After two months of raising Tito, she decided it was time for him to get registered at the vet. When the vet had a chance to take a look at Tito he was surprised and left with a questionable look on his face. He told Florence that Tito was not a normal cat. And claimed that he himself did not know what Tito actually was.

Soon it was discovered that Florence had not been raising a cat at all, instead, she had been raising a wildlife puma! Florence was shocked by finding out what Tito really was. She soon came to the conclusion that she was unable to raise Tito for much longer. 

The best choice for her to make was to give him to the untamed life specialists at the hold. They are currently taking care of Tito and are preparing to let him out in the wild as soon as he is big enough. Even though Florence couldn’t take care of him it is very heartwarming to know that she saved Tito’s life.

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