Outstanding performance in Spain left people in tears of joy 

With the Internet and telephones nowadays, there is a love for catching people off guard. We often see big surprises created to make it easier to capture a stranger’s reaction when they do not expect it at all. There are sometimes at least, that these reactions are just too beautiful to be put into words. As a solo musician was playing in the middle of a place in Spain, a lot of people started gathering in order to watch him.

The musician was dressed in a classic tuxedo and had left a hat in front of him for the crowd to tip him. But the musician would not start playing any music. So A curious young girl walked in front of him and dropped a coin in his hat. The musician then started to play “Ode to Joy” by Beethoven as the girl watched him in wonder. 

What was least suspected by anyone was a woman that broke through the crowd. She decided to join the musician with her own instrument. This got the attention of a bigger crowd. But no one knew that this was the beginning of something beautiful that was about to unfold in the place. A big coincidence occurred, where at the same time and in the same place, a lot of musicians happened to be there. 

There were numerous instruments that started coming together complementing one another’s sound. Instruments from violin players to wind instruments all gathered up and formed an orchestra. Surprisingly another big coincidence happened on the very same day. A big flash mob was created mostly because of the 130-anniversary celebration of Banco Sabadell of Spain. A huge number of people got their phones out of their pockets to capture that beautiful performance. 

Amazingly there was even a conductor that was directing the musicians perfectly. The orchestra’s music filled the air in a glorious way. Everything just became too good to be true the second a choir of voices began to sing “Ode to Joy ”. 

All of the spectators watching would react in different ways. Some would film, some would listen to the beautiful music in silence and some would even mouth the words of the song. Even the kids started dancing and playing while listening to the beautiful symphony. The event truly caused goosebumps and left those who witnessed it in tears of joy. But that wasn’t just the end. There was a big finale to witness. 

There came a point where the whole orchestra became quiet, this made the people very curious questioning what was happening while they were filming with their phones. Little did anybody know that the performance would get even more chilling. The conductor started to direct the orchestra to play the louder finale, bringing the whole performance to a big beautiful bang.

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