Wife of a military husband goes under a complete makeover and leaves his jaw dropped

Lisa Beal loved her husband so much. Because she was in the military she was often separated from him for months in a row. This made her sad and easily bored but continued her lonely days by raising the kids and working. Throughout the years she had gained some weight. Like most women, throughout her years of marriage and childbirth, she had let her body go.

I feel that every woman goes through that phase where she does not really check out her body, instead, she focuses on her children or on work. This has happened to me too after I got married. I started focusing so much on the relationship and found myself comfortable. I started not going to the gym and eating out with my husband on a daily basis. I also focused so much on work. 

Nearly two months ago I started realizing I had gained a lot of weight. I was sad with myself but I thought that it was not such a big deal. Actually, I still continued my bad habits. In two years I had gained nearly 30 pounds and also did not really care about my appearance either.

I thought nothing about it until my husband confessed something that I could not believe and also broke my heart into a million pieces. He told me that he cheated on me with someone that was more in shape than me. He was very sorry but it was me who felt all the guilt. I thought that it happened just because of me letting go of my appearance. It was so confusing and stressing I tried to end my life the day my husband confessed. It felt like my life was over. That I was too ugly to be with anyone and to be loved. 

It has been just a few days since he told me that he cheated on me and I really do not know what to do. Probably we are not meant to be. People in this world will always have ups and downs but they got to know when they should have to build themselves up again. Lisa tried to not let herself fall and one day wake up cheated on or too fat for her image to fit in the mirror. 

Lisa made a plan when her husband went away for duty in the military. When he was away she would tell him that she had gained a lot of weight but actually went on a strict diet and lost a lot of pounds off her body. A day before she was ready to meet her husband she did a complete makeover of herself. She changed her hair color and hairstyle, put on some makeup and a really cute blue dress.

 The makeover was so drastic she looked like a totally different person. When her husband entered the room she was shocked to find his wife so different and looking better than ever. Hopefully, both love each other and stay loyal till the end.

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