Mom of a football player is battling cancer, his opponent prays with him after the game

Football is not only a sport. That is what I used to think when I was younger, but I came to realize that it was an act of unity between people and players also. It is like a peaceful war, the players fight to win but never hurt each other. In most cases they actually support their opponents. Gage Smith is a football player that thinks just like this. He was playing for his high school and even though he was determined to win the battle he also supported his opponents. 

One of Smith’s opponents for the battle was TY. He had known TY since he was in middle school and they were good friends for the time they were in the same class. But recently TY’s mother was diagnosed with two types of cancer which were bone cancer and lung cancer. The worst part was that his mother was diagnosed too late and cancer had developed too much for her to have a great chance of survival. 

TY experienced the news as bad as any other child would experience it about their own mother. Not only TY but his whole family left everything to start looking over his mother. Cancer treatment is very expensive so most people cannot afford it, that’s why TY’s family tried to gather and raise money for their loved one. Even though the chances of beating the cancer were small, hope always dies last so TY and all of his loved ones anted to ease the pain of both mother and son.

One of them was Gage. He found out that his school friend was going through all that stress and hardship so he thought that even though they were playing for opposite teams, he could give his friend some emotional support. After the game ended Gage came up to TY and asked him to pray with him in the name of TY’s mother. The boy was moved and accepted to make a prayer with him. The whole thing was seen by the audience and everybody was moved at that moment. In order to support TY, everybody joined the prayer. 

The moment was not something to be seen as religious, but a gathering of humanity to support a human that really needs emotional help. The stage was filled with religious, nonreligious but all people decided that that was a moment of unity and simple human belief. Hopefully, TY and his family have had it easy in life. Something as your family member having cancer can hold you back in life and can hurt you more than a knife in your chest. But the always believe that everyone comes here for a purpose, and death is not just something that should be seen as scary, but more of a message that the person who is ready to leave this earth has finished their mission here. 

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