Why wearing shorts on a plane is bad? Flight Attendant Reveals!

In the past, (at least I) have tried to keep my flights as clean and bacteria-free as possible. But with this information given by Tommy Cimato, a TikTok flight attendant, I realized that I was only doing 1% of the things that I could’ve done!

Tommy Cimato became a TikTok star after sharing his video on 5 things you should never do on an aeroplane. I was blown away by some of these things if I’m completely honest with you!

Tommy started his video with a banger! He stated that you can be all excited for your summer quest but advised his viewers not to express that by wearing their summer outfits. He said that wearing shorts on an aeroplane is a big no-no!

Why? You may ask. Well, you don’t know who sat on your chair before you, and by wearing pants and a long-sleeved shirt is a great way to stop all of the germs from coming in contact with your skin!

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I always fall asleep during flights, and most of the time I lean my head on the window. I haven’t thought about this, Tommy says that windows are not cleaned after every flight, and obviously, I am not the only one who’s done that for the day. Lots of people might have done lots of things to that window, wiping their dirty hands on it, playing with their toys etc. 

Another great tip in Tommy’s video, “NEVER USE THE FLUSH BUTTON WITH YOUR BARE FINGERS”, I’ve never done this anyways. But, think about all the people that touched that button before you without washing their hands before. Instead, you can use a napkin or toilet paper to push the button. 

Now we go out of the how-to avoid germs on your flight part, and get into the everyday flying tips. For his fourth tip Tommy made sure to remind you to stay hydrated for every flight. He stated that you should have around 16oz of water for every flight.

You should also always make sure to tell your flight attendant how you’re feeling during the flight. And I don’t mean to share your feelings. If you’re not feeling okay i.e feeling sick, or feeling like you have high temperature, always make sure to share this with your flight attendant. It’s always better when you avoid a chaotic situation while up in the air.

Image Source: Particle News

A great video idea by Tommy, and it deserves the 1.1 million views and 138 000 likes that it has racked up in only a day. 

There have been lots of TikTokers and commenters expressing their concerns. Tommy’s recommendations suggested that the planes are not cleaned after every flight.

If you think about it, it wouldn’t be possible for the cabin cleaners to thoroughly clean the whole plane. After all, planes only stop for 30 minutes max and then go to their next stop.

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