When They Are Wrong, They Would Rather Not Talk To You Than To Apologize.

Wait. Is that time of the year again? Oh yeah. I think it is because I just had another argument with my girlfriend and she offended me. And I don’t mean a kind of offense where she said something like ‘idiot’ and now I am acting like a girl. 

I mean the kind of offense where she says repeatedly ‘you are not doing anything worthy with your life’, and then I hang up the phone. Now a couple of hours pass by and she doesn’t talk to me. 

What I really hate about people is that when they are wrong they would rather not talk to you then to apologize. Wonder why six out of ten people end up in a divorce? Because there is no communication what so ever. 

You ever notice people rather stop speaking to you rather than apologize when there’re Wrong

People hurting people and not even daring to apologize to each other and for what? All for the sake of their damn egos. This is the reason why my girlfriend would not respond to my text nor calls to apologize. And by the end of it all, she barely said I am sorry after I tried so hard.

Sometimes I wonder why the hell am I trying after all. It seems like she will never change and it is just a part of her character to be mean. Because why would she be like this. Why else would she behave in such a way? I don’t really know. 

Maybe you guys have an answer for me in the comments. Maybe you have been through something similar to yourself and you can share it with me. Please let me know if I am the only one out there and if I am wrong for still chasing her after she treats me badly.

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