Ellen stands by black teen who was suspended from school for not cutting his dreadlocks.

School is supposed to teach our kids and grow them to become good men and women. But unfortunately, there are some schools out there who don’t care about the culture where our children come from. They have their dress code and if they feel like you are breaking it with your appearance they will most definitely suspend you from school. It is a sad and unfair reality for our youth and us as people, or us as young people and us as a youth, we must take a stand against this.

DeAndre is a kid who is going to Barbers Hill high school in Texas. But he has been recently suspended from school and hasn’t frequented school for weeks due to a ridiculous fact. The school insists that he is breaking the dress code by having long hair or better yet, dreadlocks. DeAndre comes from Trinidad and dreadlocks are a part of the culture where he comes from but apparently, the school doesn’t care about that. If he is not going to cut his dreadlocks he is not going to finish high school. It is such a shame that the system has to make things so hard for a kid in high school like DeAndre who has never gotten in trouble and does nothing but gets good grades.

DeAndre showed up at Ellen’s show where she stood by him and supported him. Ellen said that she cannot understand why girls can have long hair at school and boys cannot. According to DeAndre if they see anything that is let down, it is a violation of the dress code. This is ridiculous and wrong in so many ways. Ellen continues to show her support to the young man saying that he should be allowed to dress however he likes it as long as it is more than appropriate.

But is school listening? Apparently no, because nobody from the board was available for comment and Ellen had to beg to the district of Texas to do the right thing for this young man. This happening came to the attention of the singer Alicia Keys and she came up to the show and gave DeAndre a scholarship of $20,000 and told him that she was so glad that he as a young person was fighting for what is right.

It is not fair in any way that the school can have the power to suspend someone for not cutting off their dreadlocks. DeAndre had no problems in school whatsoever until Christmas where he got the notice that he was being suspended due to violation of the dress code. He has not been in school for weeks now and we can only hope that the district of Texas will do the right thing for him. You never know and the system is not fair especially with the young people. And then they wonder why we are failing and becoming depressed. No wonder!!!

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