What if your cats have their own apartments?!

I decided to write this article after I finished getting my cats some food for dinner which they seemed to enjoy. Much love comes from fluffy friends. Everyone who has a cat knows the energy that flows in the air when they are around (although they may be the cause of awkward situations at times).

It is proven scientifically they have healing powers within them, no wonder why having them aside fills us up with warmth. They have the curiosity bug in them and especially when it comes to heights. They love to go up and up. No wonder why in most of the movies we have them stuck in trees.

Well, they love climbing for the tops and there’s nothing we can do about it. Or can we? Actually, Rob Coutu from Windsor thought there was something! One day he came up with the idea of building a “palace” made of two towers for his kitties which when people see it can’t help but run to make one for their cats too! It all began with a realistic-looking tree someone made for their cats. Rob loved the idea and wondered if he could take it a step further.

It needed to be something fun for his kitties and practical at the same time. And as a result…

Two small “7 floor apartments” connected by a suspended bridge were built in his living room. Now his kitties wouldn’t have where to jump for more highness. The room looks more like a serious playground for two little kitties. Each of them has a tower for themselves. No space for quarreling here.

Knowing how much they like to jump around he worked on making it safe and not only beautiful to look at. The little “apartments” are to be admired, not to mention looking at them with their “owners” inside. Since cats spent on average ⅔ of the day sleeping they better have a nice place to do so. Like their own home for example. He spent about $3,500 and a lot of work and effort was needed to finish it but it was definitely worth it – the cats love it.

One of the towers belongs to a red tabby and the other one to his Savannah cat.

When you look at the towers you see how complicated the process of bringing them to life should have been. Rob has built these little mansions for them. When Rob passionately built these towers he didn’t know how lovely they would come out.

But his project was more than a success! After posting pictures of his project on Facebook many people were amazed and wondered how they could build one too. Actually, Rob is a man of ideas and found a way to help everyone build those dreamy little palaces for their cats. He’s offering actual blueprints people can follow so their cats will reach the sky too! Would your cats ask for more?

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